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Free Candy Month

Mr. C. Cow likes to refer to the month of October as “Free Candy Month”. Halloween only lasts one day but Mr. C. likes to dress up every day of the month and search out complimentary confections. So far he’s dressed up as a cheerleader, an astronaut, and a hoof model. (He just went around showing people his hoofs. I call it “costume cheating” he calls it “hoof model”.)

When one searches out freebie sweets it takes a lot of reading local newspapers and checking out social media for Halloween festivals, parties, and shindigs. While sipping his coffee, Mr. C. Cow found a haunted neighborhood trick or treat to check out. I, barely, got to drink a half a cup before he was mooing about how we needed “To get on the road and get that candy!”. I offered to buy him a candy bar at a gas station but was informed that was “missing the whole point of “Free Candy Month”!!! Can’t argue with that logic.

Excuse me tiny skeleton but can you point me in the direction of free candy?

I have to admit that his zest for not paying for sweets isn’t without its hard work. Not only does he have to do the research to find candy locations there is much costume planning. (Today Mr. C. is dressed as a “Produce Stand Proprietor”.) If he was to apply this zest in other aspects of his life (sweeping the camper, finish his one cow play, etc.) then he would be unstoppable.

Thank you for the complimentary sweets pumpkin head skeleton dude!

I’m hopeful that I can get him to only eat one free candy a day instead of an entire bag of candy corn. (Candy corn is not real corn!) Meh…what can you do? He’s happy, I’m happy to watch his happiness, and the costumes he comes up with are, admittedly, creative. Can’t wait to see what he wears tomorrow!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos taken in Second Life by…!

Second Life Location: Halloween Haunted House (M)

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Carrot Dog

Spring has sprung! We’re not sure if it sprung a leak or sprung out of nowhere but here it is! With it has come spring cleaning, new buds on the trees,  and birds doing their chirping thing. Spring also brings us the holiday they call “Easter”. It involves a giant bunny who somehow took over an egg empire that was started by chickens and paints them different colors. I am assuming that this was a hostile takeover as I have never met a chicken who would ever let a bunny tell them how to lay an egg. There’s also candy and special family holiday meals.

For Easter this year each of us is in charge of one aspect of the dinner. For example, Marslean is bringing her special “carrot dogs” for us to snack on. She, like Mr. C. and I, is a vegetarian so she replaced the meat in a hot dog with a carrot. I think it’s brilliant. Mr. C. Cow thinks it’s brilliant because it’s food. It’s a win-win for Easter family dinners everywhere.

I’m planning on bringing a cake shaped like a bunny. I am thinking that, by shaping the cake like a bunny, it shall appease the great giant one that brings candy.  In all honesty I should say I am bringing a cake that I hope looks like a bunny and not like a blob with ears. If I screw up the bunny cake shape I’m afraid I will incur the wraith of the rabbit. Whatever that is.

Mr. C. Cow has been FORBIDDEN to bring anything with cud in it this year. Last Easter he brought cud casserole. For Thanksgiving he brought a cud salad. One time he brought cud dip to a party. Bishop put his foot down and asked (nicely) that Mr. C. think of a dish that did not utilize cud as an ingredient. He’s bringing a veggie tray instead.

Bishop has been busy cleaning up his shop so that I can put out a place for us to all eat. I wanted a nicely decorated table for us all to sit around. Bishop felt we should just put a piece of plywood on the saw horses and throw a tarp on it.  When I asked Bishop if he thought the pink bunny placemats matched the easter egg table cloth I wanted to use he went to make a pot of coffee. I’m thinking he’s not into cordinating table settings or decorating the shop. I do know that he makes great coffee!

I hope that, whatever you do, this upcoming Easter you do it with the ones you love. Family isn’t just about blood. It’s about those you care about the most. We hope you spend the day surrounded by your loved ones. From all of us here we wanted to say….


“Tipsy” Cerulean

Our Easter card to you was made from a photo I took in Second Life then used a photo editing program to make it look all festive.

If you don’t know what Second Life is then check them out HERE.

We also wanted to mention that we have been sending you all postcards for over a year now! (Our anniversary was last month and we totally spaced on it!) Thank you all for sticking around and enjoying this as much as we do!

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The Candy Cow Can

While eating breakfast Mr. C. Cow and I, somehow, got on the subject of candy. Candy isn’t a really hard subject to randomly talk about with Mr. C. as he feels it’s an important part of a balanced diet. You try explaining to a cow that chocolate covered almonds are not a side dish! It’s not an easy thing to do. Especially if he’s wearing candy corn as “sweet teeth” in his mouth at the same time.

I’ll take one of everything! 

The one candy that I cannot understand why anyone would want to eat is a circus peanut. The name alone makes me think of something really gross that you would mistake for a peanut at a circus. (You know. Ewww!!) As for the candy itself it has the texture of a packing peanut. If you have a moving emergency and are out of packing peanuts you could use a circus peanut in it’s place. (As long as you don’t mind your stuff getting sticky if it’s hot out!)

I see circus peanuts in your future…..

Mr. C. Cow thinks that circus peanuts are a wonderful candy invention. When he eats one he says he likes to pretend that he is at an actually circus. I’m not sure if he eats them to just feel like he’s at the circus or actually likes the taste. Then again, Mr. C. isn’t one to pass up any type of candy. If it is considered a candy or has the word “candy” in the name then he’s a fan. Maybe I should buy him a t-shirt that proclaims his fandom.

“THIS Cow LOVES Candy!”

Instead of a t-shirt I should probably make him some sort of candy costume. Maybe one of those wrapped hard candy’s or a chocolate bar wrapper. When we go to various places that just happen to have a candy shop he can dress like the merchandise. In all seriousness, I just think it would be kinda cute to see him walk around as a chocolate bar. I know he’d get a kick out of it.

How about we just have some cake instead?

Now I’m going to have to find enough fabric to create the ultimate in candy fan costume. Instead of going to a candy store Mr. C. we might need to find a place that sells fabric. If you’re going to buy candy might as well look the part.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Photo Location: Market Square At Orchard Heights (M)

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Delicious Disaster

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Today we ran into a bit of pink fog. I think this could possibly be the first time I have ever attempted to drive a camper through pink fog. It started to get so bad that we ended up having a slight accident and getting our back tires stuck in mud. Upon close inspection we found that we weren’t stuck in mud but in chocolate frosting. Not only was this our first time driving through pink fog it was also the first time chocolate frosting has stopped us.

In desperate need of a tow truck we walked a mile up the road in search of a town. If this day couldn’t get any weirder the only town we could find consisted of tiny ginger bread houses. I was extremely worried that no one would have a candy tow truck. Or a cookie tow truck. Any tow truck for that matter.

Just when we thought all was lost a small little cookie man came out of his cookie house, waved, and told us his name was Mr. Crumbly. After explaining our chocolate frosting issue he was more then happy to call up the local tow truck driver and direct us to the nearest cafe for a bite to eat.

After getting a camper stuck in frosting, walking a mile, and meeting the most delicious man to ever walk the earth I was famished. A nice healthy fruit tray with some cheese sounded amazing. Alas, the only thing the “Cookie Time” cafe served was various types of deserts. At this point I was slightly creeped out and frightened of our little cookie hosts. If he’s made out of candy and cookie and they serve cookies and candy at a cafe then where did this food come from? Was it the flesh of their enemies? I declined the food and settled for a water.

Two hours passed by and we were finally able to set back down the road. As we waved goodbye to our little cookie friends and looked out towards the milkshake mountains we thought about our strange day. Where did all that cafe food really come from?

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: The Pink Dragon (G)