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Date Night

Bishop and I have been together for a very long time. Longer then the time it takes a beehive to out of style then back in style. (Has it ever been out of style? I’m bad at examples today!) We have been together for so long that no one is starting to wonder how a relationship between a polar bear and an otter works. (It works on love, commitment, and sometimes having to deal with the whole height issue thing.) I’m always on the road traveling and sending postcards with my best buddy Mr. C. Cow while Bishop working hard at the equipment shop. When we both have a bit of free time we like to go someplace romantic (Woo Woo!) and enjoy each other’s company. The being “just the two of us” part is sometimes hard when Mr. C. is involved.

Romance Ahead!

Case in point: This past week Bishop wasn’t busy at the shop and we were close to home so he asked if I would like to accompany him for a romantic dinner. I, of course, said YES and went off to primp my hair to large, amorous proportions while Bishop took off the hard hat (He doesn’t always wear one!) and brushed his furs. Mr. C. Cow was FURIOUS at us!

“Why can’t I go have dinner with you guys? I like dinner!” -Mr. C. Cow

“It’s a “romantic dinner” and we would like to take some time to spend together.” – Me

“I like romantic dinners!! Those are the ones where you get to eat candles right?” – Mr. C. Cow

This went on for quite some time until Marslean stepped in and offered to dine with (code word for “watch”) Mr. C. for the night. She promised him candles as long as he didn’t try to eat them. There were promises of a hay appetizer followed by some sort of fancy berry desert that would more then make up for his exclusion from our date night.

Bishop knows the best spots!

This worked out splendidly! (As far as we knew at that time.) We drank champagne, danced, ate, and enjoyed each others company all evening long. Stories were told of how we met and how we ended up together. When Bishop tried to pick up a tiny wine glass with his giant paws I giggled just as he giggled at my colossal hair knocking over a floral arrangement. Having the time alone was wonderful and we sorely needed it.

Dinner AND A View!

When we returned our greeting was in the form of toilet paper stuck to the ceiling as if by some magical force. Shaving cream covering a bulldozer. A cow asleep on a pile of candles. Marslean almost in a panic over a box of soggy pizza. Our night might have went beautifully but something happened at home.

I wonder what it was……

“Tipsy” Cerulean

I took photos in Second Life and used them. Huzzah!

Second Life Location: Casa de Amoras Restaurant (M)

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Kiss And Moo

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!


Mr. C. Cow and I traveled home for the luv day so that we could spend it with those that we cared about. Bishop and I decided to spend the day watching old movies while Mr. C. went on a fancy, heart filled, mushy date.

Ooooo…..Mr. C. Cow………

Yes. Mr. C. Cow is a heart throb among his friends and had no problem finding a date for the most important of amorous days. He was going out on a very special date with a young lady named Linda the Llama. He was extremely nervous about his serious date and spent twenty minutes trying to figure out what tie he should wear. I recommended he go with something tasteful that showed off his spots. Mr. C. ended up going with a flashy tie full of neon hearts. To each his own fashion.

I guess it’s that way.

I am so proud of how thoughtful Mr. C. Cow is when he goes on a date. Especially a date that is on the utmost important day of affection. Not only did he give Linda chocolates, a teddy bear, and a greeting card but he also showered her with flowers. No…seriously….he picked her up and made flower petals rain down upon her. Who does that? Mr. C. Cow I guess. I hope she doesn’t have some sort of pollen/flower allergy.

Do you need a booth to hug in? Are we allowed to hug outside the booth?

I would share more about Mr. C. Cow’s date with the lovely Linda but that is about all I know that happened. He blushed and said something about not “Kissing and moo-ing”. You sly bovine you! I like Linda the Llama and hope to see her around again soon. Mr. C. deserves s omeone who loves him for who he is. We love him so we know someone else will love him just as much as we do.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Isle Of View (G)

You can go and get a free gift for yourself or sent one to your sweetheart when you visit. This isle has been around for YEARS. I suggest you take the time to visit for Valentines day.

Seriously…if you don’t get the reference “Isle Of View” you need to read a Xanth novel.

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Could Have Danced All Night

I never went to my prom so dreaming about going to one was kinda strange. I’m not exactly sure what one does at a prom except for maybe dance while wearing a fancy dress with your best beehive on. Do you have to have a date? Do they all have weird themes like “Under The Sea” or “Cupcake Decoration Blowout”? Do you have to wear shoes?

Outer Garden3

The other night I had a dream that I was panicking because I couldn’t find the proper dress and beehive to wear to my prom. I kept running around my dream room trying to figure out where all of the dresses were. When I would find one it would be some sort of hideous color or look like something a mermaid would wear. When I finally found something my dream mind told me was a good pick (It was white with a giant white beehive covered in pink flowers) I started worrying that my date wouldn’t make it off of work on time.

My date ended up being a reindeer who worked in a bakery. I don’t even know a reindeer that works at a bakery! I do know one that works at the dmv but that’s besides the point. He kept trying to serve me desserts and wouldn’t leave until I had some tea. After a long dream period of arguing I finally caved in and had tea.

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Suddenly I found myself walking down a path towards this strange prom. The faster I would walk the slower I seemed to go. My date was nowhere to be found as well! (I am assuming he is still at work). When I finally got to the door to get to the prom I couldn’t seem to make it up the stairs. I sat down and started to cry. My tears hit my white dress and turned it a shade of blue. I started to hear faint mooing in the background that seemed to get louder and louder.

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Then…I woke up!!

The mooing was coming from Mr. C. Cow. I guess I was crying in my sleep so he came over to make sure I was ok. I told him about my strange dream and he promised to not force me to drink tea if I didn’t want any. I wonder what my dreams mean.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: The Outer Garden (M)