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We hope that everyone in the U.S. (And, of course, everyone else!) had a wonderful 4th of July! 


We had a lot of fun this year. I surprised Mr. C. Cow by taking him to see an electric lights parade and fireworks show. While collecting postcards to send to all of you I was lucky I noticed the lil’ cow trying to sneak past the ropes and dance on top of one of the parade floats. I told him it wasn’t allowed and this made him really sad. I cheered him up with an ice cream cone and a promise to find out how one becomes a part of the parade arts.

I wonder if he needs to go to school for that.

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The fireworks and parade were the perfect way to spend our 4th Of July evening. Wish you all could have been with us!

Tipsy Cerulean

Location: SMK – Sarah’s Magic Kingdom (M)

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Be Our Guest

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Once upon a time there was a cow that wanted to eat a magical rose SO bad that he couldn’t help himself. They knew that they would possibly feel some sort of animated cookware wraith if they attempted to nibble on one single petal but didn’t care. Each rose petal looked like it could be simmered in a broth made from mushrooms and other various earthy ingredients. This cow watched too many cooking shows in their spare time.

We actually stumbled upon some sort of magical castle today. I wouldn’t have even noticed it when we drove by if it wasn’t for the moo-ing from the passenger seat. Mr. C. Cow has this…thing…about castles that make you think of princesses fighting dragons to save the prince from their doom.

Princesses don’t need saviors. We can be the saviors and save ourselves!

The castle was so pretty and reminded me of the stories I had heard in my childhood so we decided to stop and take a look. Lucky for us the castle was open to all visitors as long as we weren’t rude during our visit. It was like being thrust into a fairytale! Mr. C. Cow found a knights helmet and put it on to feel like the protector of those who lived here. I practiced my sword fighting and pretended to fight off the enemy who was knocking on the castle doors. The whole experience made us feel like kids again.

In our youth we build castles from pillows and blankets. We fight battles against stuffed dragons with our cardboard swords. We swear to protect those we love from the monsters our minds create. As adults we tend to drift away from these “silly ideas”. Sometimes a trip to a magical castle with your best cow pal reminds you that, no matter how old you are, sometimes you need to believe in something.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Enchanted Castle (M)

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Pickle Crouton


Stopped to get a bite to eat today. I know that we have a kitchen in the camper but it’s nice to sometimes get out, stretch your legs, and not have to cook for yourself.

I found this fast food joint in the middle of some strange land that had talking mice. There were even elephants that knew how to fly. How totally weird is that? I did have a conversation with the flying elephant. He kept holding onto a feather with his trunk like his life depended on it. I think I’ll just keep talking to those mice. They seem to have a thing for beads.

Mr. C. Cow found the flying elephant amusing. He felt it was his duty to pick on them by trying to hide the “magic feather”. I had to reprimand our little cow friend and remind him it wasn’t nice to pick on unstable and slightly “crazy” elephants that can squish you.

I am a little disappointed that the fast food joints menu had no vegetarian options. Trying to stay semi-healthy I had a fried pickle and a salad. They put the pickle right on top of my salad so I decided that it was a crouton. When you’re traveling it’s ok to sometimes pretend that a fried pickle is a crouton. It’s the law.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Magicland (G)