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Dumpster Donuts

Marslean insisted on taking a camper trip with us to keep on eye on Mr. C. Cow. She was still a little dismayed over his holiday obsession and wanted to see what kind of mischief he would get into. This feeling intensified the morning of our trip when she woke up to find that the cream and sugar for her coffee was neatly wrapped up in tiny boxes.

I came up with a compromise that would benefit both parties (and my sanity). Mr. C. Cow had to promise to stop wrapping random items around the house. Marslean promised to get more into the spirit of things since her window curtains would stay up in the windows instead of being wrapped up with a bow.

Our first stop on our Santa search tour was a “direct to the North Pole” mailbox. I know what you’re thinking. Mr. C. Cow had said that he felt more comfortable discussing his naughty or nice issues in person. Part of the Cow/Pegasus compromise involved finding Santa AND also mailing a letter. I think that Marslean was worried that, if he didn’t find the jolly guy, he might be out of luck in the wanted presents department. I’m glad she thought to cover all of the bases.

Old Fashion Direct Line.

After the letter mailing was complete we ran into a few things while Mr. C. Cow was poking around looking for a guy who employed eight tiny reindeer:

A bear loitering outside of a bakery…..

He was awake when we got there!

And a Rudolph owned small sleigh business.

That doesn’t look like Rudolph.

The bear was loitering because she was waiting for the day old stale donuts to get thrown away. I, personally, would rather pay for a fresh donut instead of a dumpster donut but to each their own. Since the donut dumping was taking so long I bought her one when I got ours.

As for the Rudolph sleigh business, it was not a racket but an authentic small business that was started side business. Reindeer owned and horse pulled. It was nice to see horses have the opportunity to earn a little extra cash to buy their foals presents. At fifteen cents a ride it seemed like a steal.

Sadly, no Santa was spotted, but our holiday dispute between Mr. C. Cow and Marslean was fixed. We still have a lot of holiday season to go so we’re not worried!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos taken in Second Life by me!

Second Life Location: Winter Holiday Village (G)

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The Donut Whisperer

There are many signs that all of us should never ignore. Stop signs. Signs of a major health issue. A sign telling you which way the restrooms are. One of the most important signs in particular is a sign telling you where to find donuts.

Houston…we have found donuts….

Mr. C. Cow has a particular nose that can sniff out a donut (or a sign stating there are donuts) from, at least, six miles away. Once, I swear this is true, he led me up and down multiple winding roads because he said there were donuts. He was correct. There were many donuts. I always thought that dogs had a better sense of smell then a cow. Sorry dogs.

I’ve never really tested my sense of smell, but, I do have a great sense of knowing when Mr. C. Cow is doing something he probably shouldn’t. When I used a sign informing me of where the restrooms were I sensed that he was overindulging in the desert department. After successfully returning from my sign following he was found with a pie and two crepes. After eating three donuts it was a bit much.

A pie AND a crepe?!!?? Come on!!!

To distract Mr. C. Cow from eating all that and, possibly, a cookie he saw in a display case, I sent him off to do a bit of exploring. A distraction cleverly disguised as a scavenger hunt. Pretty smart huh? While he was safely away from getting a few of his stomachs in trouble I got to eat a crepe. Win win for both of us.

Why you got no peepers Mr. Bear?

I wonder if Bishop has some weird coffee sense that tells him where coffee is at all times. He does have a sense to know when Mr. C. Cow is driving a bulldozer when he shouldn’t. It’s saved a few walls so it’s been tested. Marslean can probably sense when I’m punting paper footballs into the garbage can instead of doing office work when we’re at the shop. She always seems to catch me and give me this “disapproving head shake face things”. I guess all of us, in our own way, can sense something special.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

All photos taken in Second Life by me!

Second Life Location: Bobtail Bakery & Friends (M)

I looked up how well a cow can smell just to see if he was really that good. According to this place called “the internet”, a cow can smell things up to six miles away. See! Mr. C. Cow wasn’t lying. Look it up!

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Your Neon Lights Will Shine

Sometimes, while driving through the lonely desert at night……

Not 3 Miles??!!!???

….you’ll run into a million lights dancing and you just happen to be the shooting star.

Ok…seriously…you’re driving down a dark desert road in the middle of the night and you randomly see some girl in white roller skate by you towards some distant glowing lights. You follow her and you might end up here…..

You Have To Believe We Are Magic.

This is the first time (Thinks…yes…) we have ever run into a random roller skating rink in the middle of nowhere. It’s also (Thinks…yes) the first time I’ve ever seen a random girl in white roller skate by us in the desert. Was she lost? Did her car break down?

 I was a little surprised to see something so lit up and glowing in the desert. Mr. C. Cow was not surprised and, in the typical Mr. C. fashion, was already wearing a neon headband and skates when we pulled into the parking lot.

How does he change so quickly?

Donuts…They Haz Them!

The parking lot was packed so I was assuming the place was a popular joint for those who, you know, like to wander the desert looking for a place that will “bring all your dreams alive” or something like that. Mr. C. Cow was just happy to stop staring at the endless road and get his disco skate on.

Time is a funny thing sometimes. Time is especially funny at night when all is quiet except for the click clack of skates and the howls of desert animals in the distance. It makes you forget where you are and what you’re doing here. Maybe it’s not time that’s playing the joker. It could be the magical qualities of finding a place like this in the middle of nowhere. It’s like time and magic got together and plopped this place down in its own little world. Maybe I’ve just been eating to many disco donuts at the snack counter.

Suspended In Time.

If you find yourself on a lonely desert road at night don’t stop at the broken down gas station. Don’t ask for directions from some guy in a weird leather mask. Look towards the neon glowing lights and a woman in white wearing roller skates. She might lead you someplace special.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Second Life Location: Calas Skate-O-Rama (M)

This is their special spring build for the season so check it out before it disappears.