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Tree Couture

I caught Mr. C. Cow standing outside of the camper today holding a bunch of tree branches. One in his mouth, a few strapped to his middle, and a couple on his horns held together by twisty ties.

“What in the name of nature are you doing?” I, politely, inquired.

“I’m being one with the trees!” was Mr. C.’s answer.

How is wearing multiple types of tree branches make someone “one with the trees”? Pine accented with oak makes more of a wood pile than a “one with trees” fashion statement. Mixing tree types is like wearing socks with sandals. Then again, I like to wear a beehive as an outfit centerpiece. What the heck do I know?

These Are Trees.

I wish Marslean was camping with us. She could witness Mr. C. Cow with his tree branch couture. Marslean is also the only one of us that owns an entire tree guide. I only have a half a guide as Mr. C. chewed on mine. She’s also the only one that could probably look at his wood pile of an outfit and, somehow, make it look fabulous.

While Mr. C. Cow was outside in his branch outfit singing about “Trees And Love”, I got on this amazing invention called “The Internet” and looked up a few tree facts. I thought that, since I didn’t have a branch ensemble, I could, at least, learn more than the words “bark” and “leaf”.

These Are Also Trees….

Did you know that the indentation between the lobes of a leaf are called a “sinus”? 

I’m now staring out the window at Mr. C. Cow’s outfit trying to find ear lobes on a leaf and figure out if they get sinus infections. Nature is hard.

I think it’s time to get Mr. C. back into the camper, minus the tree garb, and back on the road. His little nature stunt has made me realize we might need to brush up on our timber knowledge.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos (taken by me!) while out and about in the wonderful, real world of nature.

Yes….I do know that trees do not have ear lobes OR sinus infections.

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Graceful Bovine Magic

Every Friday there is a Rainbow Tinies party that Mr. C. Cow and I try to attend when we’re in the area. Mr. C. Cow gets REALLY excited when he knows we get to go because he is an excellent dancer. I have always assumed that he went to some sort of school to learn how to hoof it but it’s all natural talent. Mr. C. can dance around like a graceful bovine ballet dancer compared to my swaying back and forth in rhythm (not really) to the music. Maybe I need the lessons.

Fox Friends 4-Ever!

What is “Rainbow Tinies”?

Rainbow Tinies is open to anyone! It is for the LGBTQ community as well as friends and supporters. Their events are for everyone (avatar & players 18+. No adult content). The Rainbow Tinies support Free2Luv which is a non-profit organization that fights against bullying and celebrates equality. They have a party every Friday from Noon-2pm slt (Second Life Time). that is an absolute blast! Everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming! DJ Story spins the tunes, Linn is a great host, and Pieni the awesome cakefox works tirelessly to make sure everyone has a wonderful time. This amazing trio makes each and every Friday special for everyone.


This week Mr. C. Cow and I are hoping that we are in the area so we can party down with everyone. He’s extra specially excited as he has been working on a new party outfit to wear. It has, from what I have seen so far, some sort of spandex sparkly one piece, a pair of GIANT sunglasses, and a fez. Where does he find these various articles of clothing while we are traveling? Grocery store? Carry out? Trading post?  I am assuming that he is doing more than buying bread and toilet paper when he goes to the grocery store. Can’t really say too much about his shopping habits as I do have a colossal closet dedicated to the hair arts.

I Wonder Who Lives In The Itty-Bitty Cabin…

If we do get a chance to go this week we might have to show up a little early. It takes a while to park the camper and Mr. C. Cow, with all of his clothing, might take longer than usual to get dressed. All I do is make sure my hair is symmetrical and immense. Mr. C. takes his planning and dressing to new levels with the moo-ing over what matches platform shoes or “do these heart-shaped sunglasses make my ears look big?”.

We hope that we’ll see you there one of these Fridays!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Rainbow Tinies (M) 

Each Friday there is a party in-world from Noon-2pm SLT.

If you want to know more about the Rainbow Tinies, see photos of past parties or party information you can visit at any time or check out the following links:

Rainbow Tinies On Facebook 

Kuiskaava Kettu (Information & Photos from Rainbow Tinies as well as other great SL info. and causes.)

Check out Free2Luv for more information on this non-profit doing good work!