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Fake Fruit Is NOT For Licking

Mr. C. Cow, due to the fact that I had to spend an entire day at a festival looking for a “food wand”, decided to treat me to a fancy dinner. I was slightly confused as to why he would take me out to a fancy restaurant instead of just using his new magical wand that produces food. Mr. C. said that it was the wands night off. I didn’t know that wands got nights off! I’m still leery that a stick with a blue string tied to it can even produce food out of thin air.

A lot of you are probably thinking that Mr. C. Cow’s idea of a fancy dinner would involve eating vegan tacos out of a food truck. While we both enjoy a good vegan taco truck that’s not his idea of taking someone to a fancy dinner. Fancy dinner, in his mind, must include nice table cloths, a full bar that makes old fashion cocktails, and real plates. None of those plastic things they try to pass off as a plate. Real, honest to cows, plates. I tend to agree with him on that. If you’re eating off of something paper or plastic then you are probably not at a fancy restaurant.

OMG! This fancy tablecloth is covered in champagne!

I bet you didn’t know this little fun fact about Mr. C. Cow and fancy dining. A couple of years ago he went to a class on dining manners. He felt he needed some help after he was kicked out of a restaurant for thinking the fake fruit bowl on the table was for licking. It’s also excessively hard for a cow to hold silverware. You try cutting into a lasagna when you have hoofs. See! Not too easy!

Fancy Restaurant = Fancy Table Stuff!

I’m, truly, impressed that Mr. C. took etiquette classes to improve his dining manners. He was so proud of himself that he has a certificate of completion hanging up in our kitchen back home. Because of these classes no one has kicked him out of a restaurant for licking non-lickable items. Mr. C. Cow has even stopped putting his hoofs on the table when he’s finished a meal. I’ve never put my feet on a dining table before. I’m too short and it is rude.

I would LOVE a set of those magnetic spice organizers!

The meal was exquisite and the polite cow company was charming. I still don’t understand why a magical wand that can make food out of thin air gets a night off. Does it have a date? Needs to wash its, umm, bark? I’m still skeptical over a stick with a blue string tied to it being enchanted.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos taken by myself in Second Life.

Second Life Location: Bella Bistro (M)

If you’re wondering about the “food wand”, how we just happen to have one, and where it came from then check out our last postcard “Quest Of The Food Wand”.


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Quest Of The “Food Wand”

Mr. C. Cow heard about a special Fantasy Fair that was going on for this week only. As soon as he saw the words “Fantasy” he instantly thought he would be able to buy a “food wand”.

Food wand? What the heck is a food wand?

I wondered the same thing. Maybe it was a wand made out of food. It could be a fancy hand mixer of some sort. The type that sliced, diced, chopped, and do-si-do spun your partner round and round. I was, naturally, wrong with all of my guesses. Mr. C. explained to me that a “Food wand” was a special, magical wand that would make any food you wanted to appear out of thin air. A stick that can magically make food appear is very hard for me to believe. Mr. C. Cow was adamant that they existed. This is how we ended up going to the Fantasy Fair this week.

Excuse me…which way are the “food wands”?

Supposedly “food wands” are a thing (according to Mr. C. Cow) so we spent HOURS trying to find one. Tent to tent. Building to building. From one bewildered shopkeeper to another trying to find this wand food thing. After hour six I was tired. I was ready to throw in the towel and call it a day. Not Mr. C. Cow! He was determined to find a decent “food wand” even if he had to visit every single merchant at the fair.

Hey…any of you birds seen a “food wand” around here?

My little legs were starting to hurt. I was hungry. I wanted a drink. Maybe a nap. Did I get any of the things I wanted? Nope! Mr. C. just kept going like the little cow engine that could. At one point I completely lost him because, I guess, four legs are faster (and less likely to get tired) then two. It was starting to get dark so I couldn’t let him get super lost. Especially when (I say when) he gets disappointed to find that no one carries, has heard of, or makes a magical “food wand”.

Where did you go Mr. C. Cow???

I ran into Mr. C. at the last stall. The last one of the entire fair. The last tent fourteen hours after we started this “Gotta find a food wand!!” quest.

Oh PLEASE tell me you have a  “food wand”!!!

Out came Mr. C. Cow triumphantly holding a stick with a piece of blue string tied to it. A stick?!!?? With string??!!!?? You’ve got to be joking. This has to be a joke. This cannot be the magical “food wand” that Mr. C. has been looking for. By the look on the little cows face this was, indeed, the magical wand by which food could be made out of thin air. A stick. With a blue string tied to it.

At this point I didn’t care if it was a twig with a bead glued to it. I was tired. I was hungry. I was ready to go back to the camper. Mr. C. Cow promised me that, when we got back to the camper, I could have any food that I wanted. I said I wanted falafel because I knew we didn’t have the ingredients to make any. Mr. C. swore up and down that I would have them.

Strangely enough, after a drink and a sit down to rest my little legs Mr. C. Cow brought me a HUGE plate full of falafel. Maybe this stick with the blue string tied to it was actually a magical “food wand”. Only time will tell.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

All photos taken by me in Second Life.

Second Life Location: Fantasy Fair 2017 (M) Starting location.

The Fantasy Fair is going on from now till April 30th. To learn more about the Fantasy Fair as well as their work to raise money for Relay for Life please check out their website HERE!