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Lost And Found

The moment of truth had finally arrived. The directions were correct. The camper had made it there (with only a few stops for snacks). This was it. We had found the home of Santa Claus. Only…we had one slight issue. Actually it was more like a few slight issues holding hands. Yes…we were being thwarted by a chain of gingerbread people.

Oh Come On!!!

We were finally on our way to see the jolly man and we were stopped by a group of gingerbread people. I thought that they might attack us. Mr. C. Cow thought they wanted to just sing a few songs to us. We were lucky and the cow was right. They just wanted to sing us a few holiday songs before we went on our way. What is up with me & gingerbread people? I know they were just singing but I could have sworn that one of them was staring at us like we were the ones made out of cookies.

To make our visit to the great bearded one an elf offered to walk us up to his special visitors center. It makes sense that Santa would have a special place to greet his guests. You wouldn’t want everyone walking around your house. The carpet cleaning bill would be astronomical!

Welcome To The North Pole! Have A Complementary Wreath!

Mr. C. Cow couldn’t wait to see Santa. He had his list ready to go and was so excited he skipped the whole way up to the visitors center. As we approached the doors they magically opened and we were able to gaze upon the great man himself.

OMG! It’s Santa!!!!

Our little cow friend made his way up to Santa and gazed upon that amazing white beard…then passed out. He didn’t just slowly slide down to the ground. It was more like a massive cow drop to the floor. Almost to Santa…bam…plop…passed out by Santa’s magic toy bag. The excitement and the weeks of searching leading up to finally finding the guy was just too much for Mr. C. Cow.

I felt so bad for my poor little cow friend but before I could help him up Santa was down on the floor talking to him as he was waking up. He helped Mr. C. Cow up on all four hoofs, patted him on the head, and told him to not be embarrassed or upset that he had passed out.  It happens to all of us.

Santa Claus, being one of the greatest hosts of all time, not only took Mr. C. Cow’s list but also allowed him to eat off of the elf lunch cart so that he wouldn’t pass out again. So nice of the Claus thinking about the wellbeing of one cow. I guess that’s why he’s the man in charge of the presents.


I am glad that we finally made it to the North Pole. Mr. C. Cow had been trying to find Santa for weeks and to finally find him (even though we had a bit of an issue) made this whole search worth it. I hope that Mr. C. gets everything he asked for. No cow loves the holiday as much as he does.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Second Life Location: Christmas Winter Holiday Village (G)

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Norths Around Here Somewhere

The holiday season is funny sometimes. Sometimes you find yourself trying to find Santa Claus with a cow determined to touch his beard. (I said we do not lick beards so he had to settle with asking the Claus if he could touch it). Other times you find yourself trying to avert a small cows eyes from certain packages under some individuals holiday trees.

Glad They Got What They Asked For!

Yes…we are still on the hunt for Santa Claus. Mr. C. Cow REALLY has a few important questions to ask him. I think they are all pretty important questions to ask the big man himself.

How long did it take you to grow your beard?

Can I have a cool seat cover for the camper? Something in a cow print. (But fake cow!)

Do you practice your ho ho ho holiday spirt every day or every other day?

How many cookies do you eat in one night?

On our search for the Claus we stopped to chit chat with a few of the local wildlife. They were unsure of where the North Pole was (I keep saying “Umm…Mr. C. Cow…It’s North!” but no one seems to listen to me.) BUT were great company none the less.

Did you know that arctic foxes are great at making gourmet hot chocolate? I never knew this and was delighted when a fox by the name of “Gumdrop” shared some of his special stash. (I wonder if Gumdrop is related to Pieni somehow.)

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Mr. C. Cow along with his new friends (Gumdrops neighbors Myrtle & Nancy Deer stopped in for some of the cocoa action) discussed the proper way to find Mr. Claus. There was talk of GPS (They thought it stood for “Great Place Search”.) use as well as attempting a trap involving milk and cookies. I just stayed out of this whole conversation (mumbling “Head North”! under my breath) and drank the hot chocolate.

When it was time to go they were no closer to figuring out where the North Pole was then they were when they first started. I wasn’t worried that their conversation didn’t lead them anywhere. I was just glad Mr. C. Cow was able to share his holiday excitement. Luckily for him I not only have something called “GPS” I can also find North on a compass.

Mr. C. Cow…I WILL get you to the Big Bearded Man!!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SL Location: Mieville Tinyopolis (M)

Miss Mattie, who owns Tinyopolis, has a wonderful blog that I think you should check out. You can find it right HERE!

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Random Ground Candy

Mr. C. Cow and I got lost the other day attempting to follow a shady looking sign that promised to take us to Santa’s Workshop.


I say that a sign that colorful was just for decoration. Mr. C. Cow say’s it’s real and colorful because elves made it.

Personally, I thought that elves only made toys and cookies.

I didn’t want to disappoint Mr. C. so I, reluctantly, followed him as he followed the arrows. As we were walking along we ran into something that cows dream about. The ultimate in food fantasy for a cow that enjoys the holidays. Something so mind blowing you have to ask yourself how much sugar, elf-power, and equipment went into their creation.

Behold! Two GIANT candy canes!


How did these two GIANT candy canes get there? Was a crane used to move them? Where was the crane? Wasn’t candy canes on the ground unsanitary? Did a giant lose his holiday candy?

Mr. C. Cow wanted to give them a taste lick but I put my little foot down and said no way! We don’t know who they belonged to and if they were actually edible. Friends don’t let friends lick strange candy they find on the ground. Ground candy isn’t safe nor sanitary!

I was able to distract Mr. C. Cow by pointing out a small building I had seen in the distance that looked like some sort of elf related toy factory. While we could, kinda, peek into the windows and see the outline of toys we were unable to tell if they were made by elves.


While I knocked on the door (no answer) to find out if these were indeed the holiday elf made toys I didn’t notice that Mr. C. Cow had wandered off. I was too busy waiting at the door (still no answer) to notice that he had attempted to call Bishop (you remember me talking about him don’t you?) to bring a crane over from our construction business. When I finally did stop knocking (no one ever answered) Mr. C. Cow was in the middle of trying to explain to Bishop that he needed them to pick up giant candy canes off the ground to be shipped back home.

I quickly grabbed the phone, informed Bishop that we WERE NOT taking home random ground candy, and ONCE again explained to Mr. C. Cow that you cannot eat/take/lick/transport candy canes that you find.

Long postcard story short (too late) a few lessons were learned today.

  1. That factory door I was knocking on wasn’t owned by or run by anyone related to the North Pole.
  2. That holiday sign pointing us in different directions…was not made by elves.
  3. We do not attempt to consume giant candy canes we find on the ground.

I hope that, when we make it home for a few days for the holidays that I don’t find a giant candy cane in my yard.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SL Picture Location: Christmas *Merry Christmas* (M) 

I mentioned both Bishop and our construction business in THIS past postcard. If you’re ever in SL and want to randomly look at our construction equipment you can check it out here. (I recently moved stuff around so if they link puts you on the grass you can go right up to the warehouse. You might end up next to my house. It’s ok!)

If you haven’t tried out Second Life yet or don’t know what it is then check out their website. 

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Bovine Sweater

I, accidentally, ran into Santa Claus the other day while holiday shopping.  Well…not ran into as much as caught a quick glimpse of him. Mr. C. Cow was off in a different section of this tiny holiday village we happened upon buying more lightbulbs and I was trying to buy him something quickly before he came back. While browsing cow sized sweaters the big man himself flew overhead in his sleigh.


When Mr. C. Cow came back from his lightbulb purchasing I informed him that I had caught sight of Santa Claus streaking through the sky with a few of his reindeer. This made our dear little cow SUPER EXCITED! We have been trying to hunt the ho ho ho man down since the beginning of the holiday season and to be so close to miss him again drives us CRAZY!  Since Mr. C. Cow is so into the holiday season he was at least excited to have one of us catch a glimpse of the sleigh and a few tiny reindeer.

After the excitement of almost meeting Santa died down Mr. C. Cow went back to purchase a few holiday cards to send to the cows back home. I wandered around, spoke to a few of the local creatures living in the area, and attempted to find Mr. C. Cow the perfect sweater.

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I know that a sweater doesn’t sound like a really exciting present to give someone for the holidays but you don’t know Mr. C. Cow. He gets really chilly when we go to places with snow and a sweater in a cow size is not an easy find. We actually spent an entire day recently trying to find him one with no luck. You would think that more companies would take the time to think about their bovine customers. Maybe I should start a cow sweater company. Mr. C. Cow can knit and I’m pretty good at marketing.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SL Location: The North Pole Sleigh Ride Adventure (M)

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Dear Mr. Claus

Mr. C. Cow just finished writing his letter to Santa and I wanted to share it with all of you.


I cut off part of the letter when I took a photo because Mr. C. Cow was SO EXCITED that he kept bumping into me while I was taking a picture. The letter reads:

Dear Mr. Claus,

I hope all is well! This year I would like:

*Two pairs of roller skates. (I have four hoofs)

*Two giant candy canes in it’s own special case. (So it doesn’t get dirty)

*Two milk cans.

*Electric Toothbrush


I have been very good this year. Remember how I use to chew on the door mats? I stopped doing it. (Still trying to not lick door knobs.)


Mr. C. Cow

I am proud that he changed his mistake of using “going” into “doing”. It goes to show that the writing lessons I have been giving him are working. I am a little “Oh Mr. C!” over the crossing out of one item and asking for two. I guess he’s been extra good so he feels he needs a little extra. He’s not being greedy (I saw him give a goose half a sandwich last Monday. That was nice of him.) I think he just feels that the best things in life are in pairs. Two milk cans. Two peas in a pod. Two individuals traveling in a camper. He has stopped eating door mats but the whole licking doorknobs thing is just weird.

The tiny pictures he drew on his letter are kinda cute and awesome!

I’m off to mail his letter to the Claus. He asked me if I was going to write one to Santa as well. I might have to because I just want him to bring Mr. C. Cow happiness and two pairs of roller skates.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Mr. C. Cow doesn’t have too bad of handwriting for someone who has to write using a hoof. 

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Gingerbread Of Fleet Street

Mr. C. Cow, being in the holiday spirit, wanted to go to the source of all of that reindeer lore and present giving. It’s not easy trying to take someone to the source of the big man in the red suit and the place that presents are made. Knowing this we stopped for cookies beforehand. Cookies = Super Ho Ho Ho Strength!

Try….Our…Gingerbread Cookies……

When greeted by giant ginger bread cookies asking you what you would like to try I CANNOT eat a cookie. I don’t care if it’s just in the shape of a circle. YOU CANNOT TRUST IT! (Gives the shifty “you know what I’m saying” eyes). Mr. C. Cow just had a coffee. We slowly backed out of the door like we were being stalked by some barber named Todd.

After that scary attempt at cookies we went back on Mr. C. Cow’s quest for the source of those presents that you find under a holiday tree each year. I told him it might be Santa Claus but he felt that it could be some sort of reverse thief.

Reverse thief? What in the name of jingle bells is a “reverse thief”?

Mr. C. Cow said that a “reverse thief” is someone that doesn’t steal from you but leaves you presents. It usually happens during the holidays. I asked him what a “reverse thief” looks like and he said they usually wear a lot of red and say “Ho Ho Ho” a lot. Of course I am scared of a regular thief so now I’m kinda scared of a reverse one. Not sure if I should be or not.

Lost, slightly (ok mostly) confused, and in need of directions to this so called “holiday place of origin” I stopped and asked the only individual I could think of that could help us. A penguin.

Take The Fish Leave The Presents. 

We stopped. I asked. He pointed to, I am not joking, the building right in front of him. Seriously? Seriously! He said that the source of everything Kringle was right there. The almighty power of the present. The elf on the…where does it go again….in front of us. By now I am not only hungry (WHO EATS GINGER BREAD COOKIES SOLD BY GINGER BREAD PEOPLE!??!!?), confused, not exactly sure what we were doing anymore, AND in need of a  nap we had found some sort of mystical place where those presents come from that  you get every December 25th.

Mr. C. Cow was mooing in anticipation.

I was looking for a cocktail shaker because my nerves needed it. 

The penguin was using ice skates to skate around and it was confusing. (Do penguins REALLY need ice skates? Come on!)

We walked up the steps to the door. Inch by inch. Step by step. Building suspense to the next part that comes after you are suppose to build suspense. What we found was……dramatic pause….GASP

A sign.



A safety sign? 


Yes. It was a safety sign. Neither Mr. C. Cow or myself had any hats on us. (He had a fedora but we were told that didn’t count. Who doesn’t count a fedora? Mean people is the answer!!!)

Sadly we had to leave. All the hats were down the hill  (near that SCARY bakery) in the camper. I wasn’t sad as much as relieved (and still confused as to what the h-e-double-hockey sticks was going on in this whole postcard stop). Mr. C. Cow was also not upset. He felt that anyone that put a flat out safety sign telling him to wear a holiday hat was just trying to fake him out. (Conspiracy theory of the holidays is born!) Renewed in his quest to find the present source (and…come on Mr. C. Cow…were you NOT freaked out by the gingerbread people??) he was ready to get in the camper and ride. Ride on to our holiday source. Our ho ho destiny. Our (I’m running out of holly jolly references here) answer to the mistletoe, the stockings, and everything.

I need a drink.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Christmas at the North Pole Village & Santa’s Workshop (M)

This place has been around since forever. It isn’t new and shiny. It isn’t newer items and graphics but it’s still fun to check out for a few moments just for the kid inside of you. Sometimes my cold little heart will point to something like this. Take a few virtual retro moments and giggle. And possibly feel some sort of holiday spirit.

If you still don’t know what Second Life is then I suggest you take a moment to look  HERE.

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Fashionable Wreath

It’s Mr. C. Cows favorite time of the year. Holiday trees. Garland. Tinsel that gets stuck onto his horns if he gets to close to them. Decorating the camper and our house with lights. The season brings out some sort of holly holiday homemaker/baking champion out in Mr. C. Cow.

What does this mean for me? It means that, during the month of December, I find myself visiting as many places that involved Santa Claus, stockings hung by chimneys with care, and sugar plum fairy attractions as possible. If it promises yuletide cheer we’re there. Even if they just have a sock hung on a wood burning stove then Mr. C. Cow will want to see it.

Today we stopped at an extra snowy area because we saw a couple of bears (and a bunny) decked out for the holidays. Mr. C. Cow just had to know where they bought their fashionable duds.


Did you know that there is some sort of warehouse dedicated to the sale of wreaths as necklaces? I wasn’t aware that such a thing existed but, according to the bears (and a bunny), it was the best place to find such items in a generous bear (or critter) size. The things you learn when you just stop and talk to others!

While they discussed the pros and cons of wearing real plants I sat on a log and watched two small bears in cute little tiny sweaters ice skate.


They weren’t half bad and would stop on occasion to give each other bear hugs. As they twirled and hugged Mr. C. Cow and his new friends discussed how one waters live wreaths safely. (You take them off BEFORE watering. Makes perfect sense to me.) When they started to get into talking about proper pruning techniques I watched a group of animals on a sled wiz on by with a bunch of presents.


The cat driving was a maniac behind the wheel (errr…string….rope…sled harness? Whatever!). They were going so fast that the little bear along with their presents flipped off the back. The cat was so focused on driving that he didn’t even notice the loss of passengers and cargo. Alarmed I rushed to the little bears side. His tiny little head was stuck in a snow drift so I pulled him out and checked for broken paws (and head!). The bear , who gave their name as Tim, was fine just a little shook up. When Tim realized that the cat (who happened to be named “Speedy” Sam) had left him behind he started to cry.

“How will I ever carry all of these presents to the forest creatures without the sled??” (Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo)

Giving Tim the tiny bear a hanky to wipe his tears away (and to blow his nose…I told him he could keep the hanky) I said that Mr. C. Cow and I would be more then happy to give him a lift. Grateful for the kindness he accepted. I managed to pull Mr. C. Cow away from his conversation and we dropped the bear off just in time to make a bunch of woodland creatures day.

We learned a few things today. Driving a sled at neck breaking speeds is not recommended. If you decide to wear a wreath as a scarf be sure that you are not allergic to it. If it involves the holidays Mr. C. Cow will hunt it down and you will visit it.

That’s a lot of learning!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SL Location: Winter At Silvershade (M) 

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Second Breakfast

Mr. C. Cow believes that there is a special food related season that starts the day after Thanksgiving and runs until January 2nd. It’s the time of the year where each meal involves pie, five hundred side dishes (at least), and some sort of holly jolly beverage. One good example of this is what happened the other day. While I was visiting a lovely snowman…….


…Mr. C. Cow was too busy partaking in his holiday fest season.


He missed an amazing conversation discussing the difficulties a snowman must face during the warmer months. Relocating (if needed) to an area that stays cold enough all year long. Finding employment in such locations. Making sure the air conditioning in their house doesn’t stop working if faced with a  heat wave. Heavy stuff!

Mr. C. Cow, on the other hand, was hoof deep into the appetizer of the appetizer of the appetizer. He completely missed out on a wonderful conversation I had with a  polar bear wearing headphones.


We listened to music together. Waved our hands in the air like we just didn’t care. I even learned a few new sweet dance moves that I am planning on testing the next time Mr. C. Cow and I go dancing.

What was he doing?

Eating pie. 

When we were both finished (Him with his pie and myself with learning how to do the “Roger Rabbit”) we got back into the camper and on our way. About three miles down the road Mr. C. Cow started to get a belly ache. It started out small then grew to epic pain of moo-crying proportions. I had to rush us to the nearest pharmacy for some tummy medication. While he was resting in the back of the camper I didn’t feel the need to be one of those “I told you so!!” kinda individuals. Mr. C. Cow learned his lesson. You can’t eat like every day is holiday meal. Not only is it REALLY bad for your body it’s also really bad for your (multiple) cow tummies.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SL Location: Make A Wish….Not Just For Christmas (M) 

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Thankful For Brownies

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone From Mr. C. Cow And Myself!!


We heard about this whole thing where people have turkey for Thanksgiving. We invited Fred the turkey since a day to be thankful should be filled with friends and food. Fred informed us that when people usually say “having turkey for Thanksgiving” they usually means they are eating it. Mr. C. Cow and I  wouldn’t eat a Turkey, especially one as great as Fred. When we say we’re having turkey we’re usually having them over to eat with us.

As you can see in our postcard above we were on the desert portion of our meal. Mr. C. Cow and I were going very untraditional and skipping the pumpkin pie. He was more in the mood for brownies and you can never go wrong with a  good brownie. Also helps that Mr. C. Cow made them himself. Fred asked for a pie so he was given a pie. I’m amazed we didn’t have to give him a “to go” container as he ate the whole thing! If I ate a whole pie in one sitting I would feel kinda ill.

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We hope that, no matter if you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, that you have spent the day with people (and cows and jackrabbits and otters and anything else you want to hang out with) you love.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SL Location: This is my personal house in-world. Maybe I’ll do an open house in December with food so that everyone has someone to hang with during the holiday season. 

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Watermelon-Ween 2016

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Halloween this year!!


This year Mr. C. Cow and I decided not to wear matching costumes. Last year we went as salt and pepper. While I thought he was talking about the spices (I dressed up as a salt shaker) he showed up as some sort of pop/rap star thing. This year I came as a martini glass complete with a really nice olive hat I made myself. Mr. C. Cow showed up with a watermelon on his head. Ends up that it wasn’t on purpose as he was attempting to eat a watermelon and kinda got his head stuck in it. Instead of Moo-ing for help he made the best of his situation and chewed eye, nose, and mouth holes in the thing. When I asked him what he called his costume he said “Farmers Market Produce”. Not only is Mr. C. Cow always the cheerful one no matter what he sure is creative!

We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday filled with frights, chills, scares, and lots of free candy. You can’t go wrong with free candy!

“Tipsy” Cerulean