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Oat Burger

Mr. C. Cow and I love sending you postcards twice a week. It was an absolute treat and surprise when we were sent a postcard! We have a phenomenal friend named Marslean who was more than willing to become roommates with us back home. Since we’re not at home a lot it’s nice to have someone taking care of the place. She is also really knowledgeable about machinery and tools so Marslean is a big help for Bishop over at the construction company. Probably much better help than us two knuckle heads.

Here is the postcard she sent us!


I went to a water park today and I had an interesting experience! When I arrived the first thing I saw was this colossal water slide that I just could not wait to try out.

I can see our house from here!

While I was walking around I passed a nice reindeer couple and asked them about the massive water slide. No answer! They seemed too preoccupied with chewing their food to talk. Then that got me thinking, I’m hungry too! When I sat down to eat an oat burger (That Mr.C.Cow happily made for me) I stared at the waterslide once more. It took a little bit of yelling “You can do it!” at myself to get the nerve up to slide down it.

Well…your lunch looks pretty tasty.

While I was walking up the stairs I caught a glimpse of a lighthouse.

Reminds me of good times!

It reminded me about the time when Tipsy,  Mr. C. Cow, and I took a trip to the beach. Mr.C and I fished while Tipsy took pictures for a postcard. Mr. C. Cow SWEARS that the fish he caught was bigger then mine. He is such a fibber! Someone needs to buy him a ruler or fish measurer or something!

When I reached the top, I took an inner tube that was a lovely shade of green, and sat down at the beginning of the slide.


Turning and twisting I zipped down the slide, water splashing everywhere! At the end of the slide, I stood up, and  being a little dizzy I decide to go sit by the lighthouse and drink a bit of tea. What a good way to end the day.


OMG! We got an awesome postcard and the urge to visit a water slide sometime soon. Mr. C. Cow is already planning a shopping trip for inner tubes. He’s determined that, if he is faced with a tremendous waterslide, he will only slide down on his own equipment. I think I’ll just invite Marslean to drink tea at the bottom. It seems safer!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Marathon Caye Lookout Point And Water Slide (M)

Thank you so much to Marslean for the postcard! She is actually our real roommate and does help Bishop with the equipment company as well as take care of the house. Bishop has told us that she is WAY BETTER at driving a forklift than we are. I beg to differ as Mr. C. Cow makes a far superior “beep beep” back up noise then anyone I know.

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I’ve Just Come To Read The Meter

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Stopped in a lovely little town for lunch today. Even though it was lunchtime the place was empty so it was easy to find seating that would fit both an otter and a cow. The staff was friendly but a little on the quiet side. We were able to get nice salads and we happy that we didn’t need to use condiments as they looked like they hadn’t been changed out since 1971. I pointed this out to the staff but they didn’t answer us. Nonetheless we had a lovely time and left a large tip.

Before heading back on the road we decided to walk over to the local thrift store. I was worried about getting my otter feet dirty as there was quite a bit of garbage laying around. Mr. C. Cow was more then happy to let me ride on his back so no harm no foul. I’m just assuming that there must have been a garbage pick up strike in progress. Or maybe a dog had chewed into one of the local businesses garbages and spread it around the sidewalks and street. I do hope someone comes by and cleans it up soon.

I wasn’t able to find anything I really liked in the thrift store but Mr. C. Cow found some sort of Droog outfit complete with a cane. If you can viddy a cow trying on a false eyelash and some sort of white shirt then you know what a sight it is! We didn’t end up getting it as they don’t come in cow sizes.

Overall it was a very pleasant afternoon. I hope that we’ll cross paths with this quaint little town again. I hope that, the next time we visit, the garbage strike or whatever it is will be over.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Missing Mile (M) 

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Pickle Crouton


Stopped to get a bite to eat today. I know that we have a kitchen in the camper but it’s nice to sometimes get out, stretch your legs, and not have to cook for yourself.

I found this fast food joint in the middle of some strange land that had talking mice. There were even elephants that knew how to fly. How totally weird is that? I did have a conversation with the flying elephant. He kept holding onto a feather with his trunk like his life depended on it. I think I’ll just keep talking to those mice. They seem to have a thing for beads.

Mr. C. Cow found the flying elephant amusing. He felt it was his duty to pick on them by trying to hide the “magic feather”. I had to reprimand our little cow friend and remind him it wasn’t nice to pick on unstable and slightly “crazy” elephants that can squish you.

I am a little disappointed that the fast food joints menu had no vegetarian options. Trying to stay semi-healthy I had a fried pickle and a salad. They put the pickle right on top of my salad so I decided that it was a crouton. When you’re traveling it’s ok to sometimes pretend that a fried pickle is a crouton. It’s the law.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Magicland (G)