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Walking Direction Finder

I’m short. Not just “I can’t reach the paper towels!” grocery shopping short. My short is more of a “I walked into a tall patch of flowers and can’t see! Help!” short. If left to my own devices I could, possibly, wander around an area of tall grass for hours before I found my way out.

Lost Unicorn1
Help! Send Wine And Cheese!

One example of wild flowers trying to take me out like some sort of evil (yet good-looking) otter eating plant was a hike Mr. C. Cow and I just went on. I, blindly, walked into the flowers and was instantly lost. Mr. C. had to pull me up with his teeth and stick me on his back. It’s slightly embarrassing when I have to ask for a ride but it beats being disoriented forever.

Speaking of being disoriented forever, Mr. C. Cow, when not graced with a map, likes to also get lost. One time he got lost on his way to the bathroom in a restaurant. He swears up and down that the hallways getting there were confusing. I think it wasn’t the hallways that confused him because the restaurant wasn’t that big. One time Mr. C. got lost on his way to the rest stop we own and had to stop to ask a unicorn for directions.

Lost Unicorn3
Uh…it’s right across the street from your house.

Bishop has some sort of eerie sense of direction and never gets lost. He could travel to some mystical nation ruled by pixies and would somehow know exactly how to get to the local gas station. I think he was born with some sort of strange GPS built right in. I wonder if Mr. C. Cow could have one implanted in him. A bionic cow that would no longer find himself adrift in a canoe trying to find a shoe store. (Long story…still don’t know how he ended up in a canoe.)

Lost Unicorn2
Take a left at the glowing light to get to the gas station.

Next time we go shopping I’m buying Mr. C. Cow a colossal book of maps. I could probably use a pair of fabulous platform hiking boots. Bishop…um….Bishop just needs to tell us how he’s a walking direction finder.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos taken in Second Life by…ME! Huzzah!

SL Location: Lost Unicorn (M) 

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Mapped Out


Remember how we recently stopped early and Mr. C. Cow ate all of our maps? It seemed like a good idea at the time. A good idea till we somehow drove off the road, onto a passing ship, and ended up on a small island in the middle of nowhere. In the dark. Lucky for us there was a map of the area on the docks. Mr. C. Cow found this to be very “a-moo-sing”. I found this to be a slight problem as we were on a small island with no roads in a large RV.

I started to have some sort of weird deserted island feeling and  informed the cow that we needed coconuts. We could make them into working radios. Mr. C Cow kept saying we needed to put a lime in a coconut for some odd reason.  Maybe we should stop panicking and study that giant map in front of us. 

After we discovered where we were a boat came by and we were able to get back on the road. I think we might take turns sleeping and driving tonight so we cover some ground. Driving at night is peaceful. No one on the road with you. The stars in the sky. A cow in the passenger seat that has a thing for singing songs about barnyards. I’m glad he ate our maps. Life would be pretty dull if we had them.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Enchanted Adventures Theme Park (G)