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Chicken Jailbreak

Mr. C. Cow and I LOVE roadside attractions. The ones where you can take your picture with a giant ball of yarn or trout. Every year it seems harder to find any to stop at. It’s like people are no longer impressed with a six-story block of cheese. We don’t understand why this is happening. To us it’s a nostalgic dip into our childhood.

When Mr. C. Cow was just a wee little calf his parents took him to a roadside attraction that had a chicken in a machine that played you in tic-tac-toe. Instead of just playing the chicken they became friends when he “liberated” Ms. Clucks from her machine prison. The guy who owned the machine was not pleased with this so there was a bit of running while yelling “Flee! Flee!!!!”. I’ve never had the pleasure of jailbreaking a chicken out of a machine but I did save a duck from a soda pack ring. Dwayne the duck was forever grateful to get rid of his “trashy fashion piece”. (Cut the rings people! Think of Dwayne!)

I Wonder Where The Giant Pad Of Paper Is….

Maybe, if Bishop is ok with it, we could have our own giant roadside attraction at the shop. Mr. C. Cow is rooting for a giant milk can (of course). I was thinking of getting the worlds largest bulldozer. Or…..a building shaped like a bulldozer! We decided to do a bit of brainstorming and made a list of what we want to build as an attraction to give to Bishop:

Building shaped like a drum set

Worlds largest potato salad

Gigantic lava lamp

Fully drinkable, LARGE martini

HUGE statue of Mr. C. Cow (Yes….Mr. C. came up with this one….)

Hopefully Bishop likes at least one of our ideas. 

If you had a roadside attraction what would it be?

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photo taken by myself in Second Life

Second Life Location: Sploland (G)

Chicken tic-tac-toe machines were an actual thing in the 70s and 80s. (Poor chickens!) Look it up!!



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Milkcow Blues Boogie

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Well I woke up this morning and looked through the door. I saw Mr. C. Cow asleep on the floor.

Greetings postcard buddies! Nothing gets you ready to rock more then a giant statue of “The King” next to a pink car. ¬†Today we decided to hit up a museum dedicated to music. At first I was a little worried about going into a museum that had guitars floating on top of water. That seems a little electrical shock/death/danger to me. I guess that’s just how you’re suppose to “rock”.

I couldn’t stop laughing when I finally turned around from staring at those guitars and saw what Mr. C. Cow decided was proper “rock” attire. He had put on a long wig, a headband, fringe boots, and some sort of sequin sparkle vest thing. Mr. C. didn’t seem to notice my laughter as he added a giant pair of sunglasses to his ensemble. When one is in the “rock zone” it seems that you’re too cool to notice ones laughter.

The museum did make me feel a tad bit more educated on how to make my life a little less square. I can now successfully air guitar, rock scream, and hold a lighter in the air without burning myself. If Mr. C. Cow lets me borrow his sunglasses then maybe I have a chance at being cool.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: SL Rock N Roll Musuem (M)