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The Whip Cream Incident

Thirty-seven and a half days ago we were doing pretty good. The birds were singing. No one was licking food out of bowls. Life was great. Until….the whip cream incident.

The day started out as any other, normal, day. We stopped early to gas the camper up. Mr. C. Cow made chocolate chip pancakes with homemade whip cream. I had gotten in my required morning coffee intake. Breakfast was delicious, as usual. Things felt pretty marvelous until I noticed the whip cream bowl on the camper counter…..

Whip Cream

Someone wasn’t just putting it on top of breakfast. The majority of this whip cream was not making it onto a dish. Someone was licking it out of the bowl during breakfast. I was horrified! Had Mr. C. Cow reverted to licking food out of a bowl before serving? Were we back to wondering if our food had been cow tongue attacked before it was given to us? Had thirty-seven and a half days of restraint been destroyed by a fluffy pancake topping?

I was apprehensive at the thought of having to pull out the interrogation lamps. Making Mr. C. sweat it out under the lights while I asked him how many dishes he had licked before serving did not sound like the normal day that we had started out with. Was all of our progress back to zero?

Before I had a chance to get out the questioning chair, Mr. C. started cleaning up the dishes from breakfast. He noticed I was staring at the whip cream bowl with a mixture of horror and sadness on my face. As I opened my mouth, Mr. C. Cow produced a spoon that he had used to eat the whip cream. No one had licked the bowl. No one had used a spatula to shovel food into their mouth. A spoon, not used more than once, had been used to eat. Double dipping had not happened. Our thirty-seven and a half days were safe. So was our appetites.

Lesson learned….sometimes you need to not jump to conclusions before you know all of the facts. Trust in your friends. Even if it involves breakfast.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photo taken by me.

Actual photo of whip cream that we made. No one double dipped into the bowl. Huzzah!

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Mumbly Grumble

I am feeling all sorts of grumpy and grumbly this morning. Like I woke up on the wrong side of the camper floating in a river going off of a cliff grumpy. If I could kick the sun and not burn my tiny little foot off I would grumpy. Mr. C. Cow, on the other hand, woke up all sorts of chipper and bouncy. I don’t know how he can wake up like that every morning. You would think he would get up at least once in his life and not be so happy.

Oh I’m trying Ms. Sign! I really am!

To combat my mumble grumbles Mr. C. Cow decided to drive me to the most beautiful place he could find for pancakes. I didn’t think his chipper idea of pancakes was going to work but, lo and behold, he found some sort of cheerful cafe that seemed to be blessed by the sun.

(The Skies Open) Ahhhhh….

The sight of this magnificent building combined with the rays of the sun shining down upon it like some sort of sky blessing got rid of my mumbles. I still had my grumbles and those weren’t going to be impressed by light trickery. Mr. C. Cow was going to have to do better than that!

Are…Are Those For…Me??!!??


“You still have the grumbles? Pancakes take away the grumbles!” – Mr. C. Cow presenting me with the perfect pile of pan cakery. 

Not only did Mr. C. find a way to get rid of my mumbles he also got rid of my grumbles. He got rid of the grumpy, the mean eye, AND the need to kick the sun. All with just a plate of pancakes? Nah. It’s not just the pancakes. It’s a friend who drives you to a breakfast joint, buys you breakfast, and tries to cheer your blues away. A friend who puts up with you when you sometimes wake up on the wrong side of the camper and still gives you pancakes.

I don’t know how Mr. C. Cow wakes up every morning all chipper and bouncy. What I do know is that I need to try to learn how to bounce, at least, a little.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SL Location: Coffee & Cakes (M)

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Flash Blind

We stopped for breakfast today and I decided to give Mr. C. Cow the chance to take pictures for the postcards we send to you all. It took a few minutes to explain to him how the camera worked. While trying to explain to him how to turn the flash on he kept taking pictures of his eyeballs. When he figured out how to turn the flash on he kept taking pictures of my eyeballs. After begging him to stop flashing my eyes I, blindly, explained to him how the camera worked. His excitement at being giving the opportunity to take “artistic postcard photos” (as he called it) he was happy to snap away. While Mr. C. Cow flitted around with the camera I was able to both regain my eyesight and have pancakes.

Mr. C. Cow picked out two of his favorite photos to share with all of you as postcards today. We weeded out the ones that were photos of his hoofs, random blurry sky shots, and ones that involved up close photos of scrambled eggs. I’ll let Mr. C. Cow take over and tell you all about his “artistic postcards”.

Postcards by Mr. C. Cow

Postcard #1: Tipsy Eats Breakfast


This postcard should make you feel like you’re spying a friend who is just gotten a plate of food at the local restaurant. You see them through the window and think “I could really go for something breakfasty!”. They don’t see you so this gives you the chance to lick the window in anticipation of food.

Postcard #2: Birdies Gotta Bird


This postcard portrays the plight of the crow looking for breakfast. Stopped at the door of the restaurant because they have no money. Understandable since birds are not born with built in pockets to hold their money. See the sadness on the birds face? “I want breakfast but I can’t fly with a wallet in my beak.”.  Don’t worry! When Tipsy wasn’t looking I “borrowed” one of her pancakes and gave it to the crow.

Thank you! (Bows)
Mr. C. Cow

Um….OK then…..

This explains a few things I was feeling as I was eating my breakfast. I felt that someone was spying on me while I was eating my pancakes. Take a bite out of my food and see something out of the corner of my eye flashing. Look and nothing but a weird wet marks on the window next to me. We’re going to need to discuss the reason why we don’t lick windows. I also now feel kinda bad as I accused the waitstaff of shorting me a pancake. At least a hungry crow got some food.

I think I’ll have to let Mr. C. Cow take some of his “artistic postcards” again in the future. He’s starting to get the hang of it so, I am assuming, his photos will just look better and better. After breakfast he did go buy a weird hat that he said gave him “inspiration for photo taking” so I’m now forced into it. I’m not complaining. I just hope he stops taking “spy pictures”.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Ravenscroft Alpine Restaurant (M)

If you’re wondering what Second Life is then you can check out their website HERE.