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The Great Debate

Mr. C. Cow and I got into a heated argument the other day. He felt that, if you saw a giant mysterious hole in the middle of nowhere, you were obligated to fall into it. I was adamant that you did not fall into a hole, on purpose, no matter how mysterious it was.  We are not living in a world where following a rabbit into some hole in the ground is going to lead us to a magical land. The world we live in involves serious injury if we fall into a perilous pit.

He attempted to change my mind by, all joking aside, falling into a hole on purpose.

Don’t Fall Into That Pit!

Before I had a heart attack I instantly went into emergency mode. I rushed to the camper to grab our first aid kit then ran around in circles with my stubby arms wiggling around in the air for the first minute or two. After the initial fall I could hear Mr. C. Cow moo-laughing from the bottom and telling me to come on down. Not thinking this was one of his best ideas I went downward into that hole just to bring him back up.

I closed my eyes and braced myself for sharp jagged rocks and the possibility of snapping off one of my precious limbs. None of this happened. When I found the courage to open my eyes I was staring at a fish bowl next to a comfortable looking couch.

I found out that this bone fish was named “Hector”.

A nice living room set up at the bottom of a crater? A weird bone fish swimming around and asking us if we wanted something to eat or drink? What kind of hole is this?

What kind of hole has a fireplace and drinks?

I knew something had to be up. Mr. C. Cow didn’t, randomly, pick a pit to fall into just to prove his point. I noticed he wasn’t looking directly at me. When I’d look at him he’d look at the fish. I’d go to warm myself by the fireplace and try to catch his eyes but he would stare at the couch. At one point he put sunglasses on because I think he was running out of places to stare at. This was getting a bit silly and I was determined to get to the bottom of this dangerous pit hopping game he was playing.

I went over to Mr. C. Cow, took his cute little cow face in my hands, and asked him what the scam was. There was a pause. A moo-sigh. Then he explained that the random hole was not random at all. It just happened that a very eccentric rabbit named “Alonzo” owned this as a vacation den.

This got us on the subject of safety. Mr. C. Cow is a smart cow. He knows that you can’t just jump into a hole in the ground and wish for the best. Our argument just ended up being Mr. C. wanting to practice his debating skills. With this situation cleared up I told him that, the next time he wants debate practice, to let me know ahead of time. Don’t try to give me a heart attack.

What have we learned today? I think we learned a lot! If you see a pit in the middle of nowhere don’t jump into it. Jumping into a pit is a really stupid and dangerous idea. If you need debate practice let the other one know that you’re just practicing different argument points of view. If you’re a fish with no bones some unusual bunny might take you in.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Photos taken in Second Life by ME!

Second Life Location: The Graveyard (M) 

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Cities Never Sleep

I have never been on a subway before. Mr. C. was SHOCKED and informed me that we needed to change that ASAP! I asked him if he had ever been on a subway and he had heard me wrong and thought I had said I had never had a sub sandwich before. Not only was today the day that we were both going to ride a subway for the first time it was also the day that I made a hearing appointment for Mr. C.

Since we were close to a big city that just happened to have a subway system we decided to try our hand at taking the train. The city we were in didn’t seem like it was the best of shape. The buildings all looked like they had seen better days and there were no people around. I had always assumed that big cities never slept. Maybe they weren’t sleeping but taking a quick nap.  When we made it down to the not so clean subway platform we figured out what we were doing and safely made it on.

We settled on taking the train to one station then back so we wouldn’t get too far away from our camper. Solid plan for two solid kinda critters. The platform, like the city itself, seemed to be pretty empty. Maybe we had missed rush hour. The only other passenger on the train was a rabbit that seemed to be sleeping, with his eyes open, on the subway floor.  (We seem to have some sort of strange bunny theme going on this week!)

That doesn’t look very sanitary!

I told Mr. C. Cow, who was creeped out by the writing on the floor, to just ignore the unusual sleeping bunny and not step on him. He managed this by sitting on the other side of the train as far away as he possibly could from the odd rabbit. I held his hoof and told him to think of the adventure we were on. First time subway rides only happen once. Enjoy the ride and look out the window.

That went just fine until we got to our destination. Just look out the window…..

Shouldn’t you be behind some sort of safety line or whatever?

Mr. C. Cow FLIPPED OUT. I don’t blame him. I had an “EPPP!” moment myself. I told him to not blame the subway system but blame the city we decided to take our first trip in. We should have known better than to take a ride when the city seemed uninhabited. The only souls we saw was the weird bunny laying on the train car floor and this bozo who thought it would be amusing to scare the dung out of a poor little cow (and otter!).

When we got out of the train, curiously enough, that fool of a bunny who scared us through the window was nowhere to be found. That, in itself, was disturbing. Where does a giant rabbit disappear to? I didn’t want to dwell on this so we quickly made our way up and out onto the street.

Mr. C. Cow did not want to get back on the train to get to our camper. Just the thought of it made him shed a little bovine tear. I patted his shoulder and promised that the next subway trip we would take WOULD NOT be in this desolate, bizarre city. I pulled out my cell phone and called up one of those car services to come pick us up.

I’m glad the service driver seemed to be normal. She was friendly and informed us that NO ONE ever went to the city at night. Just the thought of anyone getting on the subway system in this town made her shutter. When questioned as to why she seemed to go quiet and change the subject to something more pleasant. I took the hint and we didn’t speak of this chilling place again.

Go figure!

I learned some things today.

Don’t get on the subway in a town that doesn’t seem to have any residents.

If you see a rabbit sleeping with his eyes open while laying on a subway train floor just get off the train. Don’t even bother to take the ride.

Scaring others through a window is not cool.

Vegetarian sub sandwiches are yummy.

Mr. C. Cow, after his hearing appointment, had perfect hearing. He just wasn’t paying attention to what I was saying.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

P.S. – We did get on the subway again in a different town. Pleasant ride! No lasting fears in Mr. C. Cow! Huzzah!

Second Life Location: Silent Hill Experience (M)