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Extreme Couponing

I am well versed in the fine art of coupon cutting.  When there is a sale I am more than willing to spend hours trying to find a coupon to make the sale even better. I hate spending full price on anything. It’s outrageous! One time I got a fifty pack of bottled water for a dollar. While I did a victory lap with the shopping cart, Mr. C. Cow and Bishop both stared at me like I was some sort of weirdo. Some people just don’t get it.

I am, extraordinarily, lucky that I coupon because Mr. C. Cow has…GASP….(Seriously….someone needs to gasp with me..)….started purchasing WAY TOO MANY floating things to go in a pool. I know. It’s the type of drama that makes you pass out due to excitement.  I’ve seen loungers. We’ve seen countless beach balls. Bishop has blown up giant sharks wearing saddles. I once caught Marlsean sneaking an inflatable tug boat into the house because Mr. C. Cow wanted to make a game out of it. It’s out of control!

Pools are CRAZY.  I, cannot, wrap my head around filling something full of water then throwing a bunch of chemicals in it. Not only does it make your hair smell gross but it doesn’t seem natural to me. Find a lake, an ocean, a puddle, or something! Maybe it’s the otter in me but…blah…yucky!

The Blow Up Whale Looks Pretty Happy.

While shopping for the latest in floating pool accessories, we ran into one of the weirdest safety signs of all time. It was on a gargantuan, inflatable ice cream cone so the warning went into the realm of food weird. I don’t even know if it’s trying to tell us to be safe. Take a look:

What the what what??!!??

The exclamation point, clearly, states that this is an important sign to pay attention to. At first glance of the directions and/or safety portion it looks like you need to fill an ice cream machine from the top to have it come out the bottom. Mr. C. Cow thought the machine was peeing (I ignored this thought). We couldn’t find anything resembling a machine anywhere on the inflatable ice cream cone. This was the best we could come up with:

“Be sure to fill your rocket ship 100% before blasting off.” – Mr. C. Cow (I don’t think a pool float is a rocket ship. Wouldn’t it melt?)

“Horses, when shot into space, have a 100% chance of exploding when hitting the ground.” – Marslean (I showed her the photo and now she scares me. Who shoots horses into space??!!?? Isn’t she a pony? Oh…My….Equine…..) 

“I think that the “+ 1″ means we are supposed to roll a die to determine who gets to use the inflatable ice cream cone.” – Me

“I think we’re suppose to roll to see how quickly the horse explodes.” – Marslean

“I still think it has something to do with pee.” – Mr. C. Cow (Who is still being ignored for his bathroom chatter.) 

After all of this chit-chat about signs, horse-splosions, and other (freaky) pool accessories chat, we went with a blow up pencil. It seemed safer and would come in handy if anyone needed to write something down.

Maybe I should get a matching inflatable notebook to have something to write on.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

1st Photo Taken In Second Life. 2nd Photo Taken While Out And About In This Place Called “The Real World”.

Second Life Photo Taken At My Personal, Virtual, Home.

Both Photos Taken By Me!


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Born And Raised

Mr. C. Cow and I wanted to announce a few of really cool things we plan on adding to our postcards in the next few months. 

  • Real life travel photos of Mr. C. Cow and myself as we travel around.
  • Exciting audio stories at some point
  • Drawings/Artwork/Crafty Stuff starring Mr. C. Cow and myself
  • News: Updates, changes, or any upcoming special events we might have going on!
  • Answering your questions: If you have a question let us know and we will answer them!
  • Fan Art Work! Send us your artwork if you want us to put it up.
  • Plus a bunch of wild and crazy things.

I’m really excited to get to all of these new things at some point in time. Our first real life travel photo will be the next postcard we post!

We did get a question the other day! Pieni The Cake Fox (You can check out her blog HERE) asked us:

“What does Mr. C. Cow’s drivers license look like?”

Good question! It, actually, only took him one try on his drivers test to get his license. I am assuming that Mooginia (Where he got his license) is very understanding of the difficulty one might have while driving a vehicle with hoofs. He is very proud of his license photo but wishes he would have smiled at bit more.


As you can see it doesn’t say what his first name is because he likes to keep people guessing. Amazingly enough we’ve only had one person ask us where “Mooginia” is and we’ve had to tell them it borders “West Mooginia” and “North Bovinlina”.

Thank you for the question Pie! We hope that you guys will enjoy a few of the new things we plan on adding and find them to be as amusing as our postcards!

“Tipsy” Cerulean