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Oat Burger

Mr. C. Cow and I love sending you postcards twice a week. It was an absolute treat and surprise when we were sent a postcard! We have a phenomenal friend named Marslean who was more than willing to become roommates with us back home. Since we’re not at home a lot it’s nice to have someone taking care of the place. She is also really knowledgeable about machinery and tools so Marslean is a big help for Bishop over at the construction company. Probably much better help than us two knuckle heads.

Here is the postcard she sent us!


I went to a water park today and I had an interesting experience! When I arrived the first thing I saw was this colossal water slide that I just could not wait to try out.

I can see our house from here!

While I was walking around I passed a nice reindeer couple and asked them about the massive water slide. No answer! They seemed too preoccupied with chewing their food to talk. Then that got me thinking, I’m hungry too! When I sat down to eat an oat burger (That Mr.C.Cow happily made for me) I stared at the waterslide once more. It took a little bit of yelling “You can do it!” at myself to get the nerve up to slide down it.

Well…your lunch looks pretty tasty.

While I was walking up the stairs I caught a glimpse of a lighthouse.

Reminds me of good times!

It reminded me about the time when Tipsy,  Mr. C. Cow, and I took a trip to the beach. Mr.C and I fished while Tipsy took pictures for a postcard. Mr. C. Cow SWEARS that the fish he caught was bigger then mine. He is such a fibber! Someone needs to buy him a ruler or fish measurer or something!

When I reached the top, I took an inner tube that was a lovely shade of green, and sat down at the beginning of the slide.


Turning and twisting I zipped down the slide, water splashing everywhere! At the end of the slide, I stood up, and  being a little dizzy I decide to go sit by the lighthouse and drink a bit of tea. What a good way to end the day.


OMG! We got an awesome postcard and the urge to visit a water slide sometime soon. Mr. C. Cow is already planning a shopping trip for inner tubes. He’s determined that, if he is faced with a tremendous waterslide, he will only slide down on his own equipment. I think I’ll just invite Marslean to drink tea at the bottom. It seems safer!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Marathon Caye Lookout Point And Water Slide (M)

Thank you so much to Marslean for the postcard! She is actually our real roommate and does help Bishop with the equipment company as well as take care of the house. Bishop has told us that she is WAY BETTER at driving a forklift than we are. I beg to differ as Mr. C. Cow makes a far superior “beep beep” back up noise then anyone I know.

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Could Have Danced All Night

I never went to my prom so dreaming about going to one was kinda strange. I’m not exactly sure what one does at a prom except for maybe dance while wearing a fancy dress with your best beehive on. Do you have to have a date? Do they all have weird themes like “Under The Sea” or “Cupcake Decoration Blowout”? Do you have to wear shoes?

Outer Garden3

The other night I had a dream that I was panicking because I couldn’t find the proper dress and beehive to wear to my prom. I kept running around my dream room trying to figure out where all of the dresses were. When I would find one it would be some sort of hideous color or look like something a mermaid would wear. When I finally found something my dream mind told me was a good pick (It was white with a giant white beehive covered in pink flowers) I started worrying that my date wouldn’t make it off of work on time.

My date ended up being a reindeer who worked in a bakery. I don’t even know a reindeer that works at a bakery! I do know one that works at the dmv but that’s besides the point. He kept trying to serve me desserts and wouldn’t leave until I had some tea. After a long dream period of arguing I finally caved in and had tea.

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Suddenly I found myself walking down a path towards this strange prom. The faster I would walk the slower I seemed to go. My date was nowhere to be found as well! (I am assuming he is still at work). When I finally got to the door to get to the prom I couldn’t seem to make it up the stairs. I sat down and started to cry. My tears hit my white dress and turned it a shade of blue. I started to hear faint mooing in the background that seemed to get louder and louder.

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Then…I woke up!!

The mooing was coming from Mr. C. Cow. I guess I was crying in my sleep so he came over to make sure I was ok. I told him about my strange dream and he promised to not force me to drink tea if I didn’t want any. I wonder what my dreams mean.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: The Outer Garden (M)