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Secret Karate & Tater Tots?

What does “S.K.A.T.E”? stand for exactly? “Secret Karate And Tater Tot Enterprises” was the answer that Mr. C. Cow came up with. I think he just wants to eat tots while doing his “sweet karate moves”. I’m thinking more on the lines of “Selling Kale At The Emporium”. Since there doesn’t seem to be any tater tots or kale around we’re just going to assume they want us to roller skate and not ask too many questions.

Some Kraken Allowed Tasty Eels?

Mr. C. Cow is the master of roller skating. I chalk this up to being able to find skates for hoofs. I have a hard time finding any for weeny otter feet and usually end up sitting inside one giant skate. It is pretty comical because all you can see is the top of my beehive as I wheel myself around.

This roller skating rink was pretty funky because there was a colossal tube of lipstick just, randomly, sitting next to some storage lockers. It didn’t look used, but I told Mr. C. Cow that he was not allowed to put any one. You don’t know where it’s been. For all we know it could belong to a giant retro 80’s skate princess with a cold. If a regular cold is bad enough I’m afraid to know what a giant’s retro cold would be like.

Don’t Touch It Mr. C.!!!!

The plus side to all of this wheeling myself around in one roller skate and blocking Mr. C. Cow from a grave lipstick error, was the entertainment.  As DJ Bass Bear spun a set of 80’s tunes (that felt like you were in some sort of weird film), Mr. C. spun around beautifully in a helicopter whirlwind of flare. At least that is what others told me. When you’re stuck in one roller skate trying to do your thing it’s kinda hard to see. I hope someone at least took a video or a picture for later viewing!

DJ Bass Bear bringing you all of the neon tunes.

This was a lovely, yet short, excursion from traveling on the road. Mr. C. Cow could have went on skate dancing all night but I was starting to get a bit uncomfortable in my roller skate. I hadn’t packed my personal one so I had to rent one from the rink. Fear of foot odors past and a feeling that I needed a good shower cut our visit short. Next time I’ll remember to pack my own skate. One that fits well enough so I can watch Mr. C. and his helicopter whirlwind flare moves.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

All photos taken in Second Life by me!

Second Life Location: The Deaf Leopard (M) 

We found that this place has three different areas that are completely different and interesting to visit. We wrote about the first one last week. On Thursday I’ll share the last one with you.

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Your Neon Lights Will Shine

Sometimes, while driving through the lonely desert at night……

Not 3 Miles??!!!???

….you’ll run into a million lights dancing and you just happen to be the shooting star.

Ok…seriously…you’re driving down a dark desert road in the middle of the night and you randomly see some girl in white roller skate by you towards some distant glowing lights. You follow her and you might end up here…..

You Have To Believe We Are Magic.

This is the first time (Thinks…yes…) we have ever run into a random roller skating rink in the middle of nowhere. It’s also (Thinks…yes) the first time I’ve ever seen a random girl in white roller skate by us in the desert. Was she lost? Did her car break down?

 I was a little surprised to see something so lit up and glowing in the desert. Mr. C. Cow was not surprised and, in the typical Mr. C. fashion, was already wearing a neon headband and skates when we pulled into the parking lot.

How does he change so quickly?

Donuts…They Haz Them!

The parking lot was packed so I was assuming the place was a popular joint for those who, you know, like to wander the desert looking for a place that will “bring all your dreams alive” or something like that. Mr. C. Cow was just happy to stop staring at the endless road and get his disco skate on.

Time is a funny thing sometimes. Time is especially funny at night when all is quiet except for the click clack of skates and the howls of desert animals in the distance. It makes you forget where you are and what you’re doing here. Maybe it’s not time that’s playing the joker. It could be the magical qualities of finding a place like this in the middle of nowhere. It’s like time and magic got together and plopped this place down in its own little world. Maybe I’ve just been eating to many disco donuts at the snack counter.

Suspended In Time.

If you find yourself on a lonely desert road at night don’t stop at the broken down gas station. Don’t ask for directions from some guy in a weird leather mask. Look towards the neon glowing lights and a woman in white wearing roller skates. She might lead you someplace special.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Second Life Location: Calas Skate-O-Rama (M)

This is their special spring build for the season so check it out before it disappears.