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Mr. C. Cow thought it a marvelous idea to inform me that he was holding a dinner party. My first response was to ask why we needed to hold a dinner party after we had held multiple parties though the holiday season. This past November through the first of January was nothing but appetizers, cocktails, and elegant dishes. Why did we need to hold a feast so soon after the holidays? Mr. C. Cow said it was because he wanted to wear a cummerbund. I don’t think he knows what a cummerbund is. I am assuming that he thinks it involves butter and cinnamon.


This declaration of banquet festivities puts me on the spot. I have to go and purchase all of the ingredients to make the food as well as the drinks for everyone to enjoy. After that is done I have to clean the entire house. I’m not talking a quick sweep and go but a full blown cleaning. The kitchen has to be spotless. Mr. C. Cow’s hoof prints have to be washed off of the dinning room ceiling. On top of the cleaning I have to inform Bishop that Mr. C. Cow is on a cummerbund mission and we have to throw a party that involves toothpicks holding together tiny foods. I will have to take our lil’ cow friend to buy the cummerbund he desires because has no clue what one is.

Kitchen is clean!

When Mr. C. Cow was properly introduced to a cummerbund he didn’t seem as thrilled as I thought he would be to wear it. He loved its lime green with purple stars design and the fit was good. I think Mr. C. thought he would look less like a waiter and more like an international spy in it. I’m hoping he’s not planning on trying to international-cow-of- mystery spy shop anytime soon.

Don’t forget to set the tables properly!

As for the dinner party, it went surprisingly well. No one ate any of the toothpicks holding the tiny foods together. There were no cocktails spilled on the couch. I had a pleasant time and a clean house so I couldn’t complain. If Mr. C. Cow wants to throw another shindig in the (distant) future I’m all for it. Can’t let his lime green, purple star cummerbund sit in the closet too long.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

Photos taken in Second Life by me! Woo!

Second Life Location: Restaurant Fresco (M) 



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Milkshake Maker

Mr. C. Cow and I had so much fun star-gazing the other night that we found ourselves taking a special night hike. I was thinking that we were going to go on a hike that involved trying to find owls flying around. Mr. C. Cow thought we were going to go say hi to some bats. Both of us were not expecting some sort of weird ball of energy meets glow-in-the-dark space plants.

Alien Rave? Plant Light Show?

For some strange reason we never seem to end up in a normal forest. Ok. We do, in all honesty, end up in a lot of regular forests where we might play checkers with a rabbit. A forest were we might see a squirrel or even a coyote wandering around looking for a coffee-house. Every so often we seem to find a forest that has its own rules. Instead of discussing the history of the blues with a woodpecker we have ended up in one that glowed like some sort of funky nature light show.

Before I turned otter tail and left this strange forest Mr. C. Cow stopped me. He said some of the wisest words a cow can ever say when faced with some sort of neon forest creep show going on. “Don’t judge a forest by its foliage!”.

Dooo Cheeee Dooo Cheee Dooo Cheee…..

When I stopped judging foliage I heard music pulsing through the trees. Ends up that it wasn’t some sort of alien takeover at all but a nighttime rave. There were bears wearing neon bracelets dancing to electric beats. Deer wearing flashing lights in their antlers. Mr. C. Cow wearing a glow-in-the-dark vest shaking his milkshake maker.

Wait…where did he get the vest? 

Party’s over here!

I’m no gloomy Gus and am always up for a party. Even if it’s in the middle of the woods, in the middle of the night. I also discovered that they had martini’s with vibrant olive sticks. That was a HUGE selling point for me. I sipped my martini’s and watched Mr. C. Cow let loose with some fancy moves on the dance floor.

The DJ was just a ball of light! How hip!

Around 3am (I don’t wear a watch so I’m just guessing) I told Mr. C. Cow, who was talking to a cat wearing a tiny party hat, that it was time to head back to the camper. He was sad to leave but grateful because his hoofs were starting to get tired from all of the boogie down action.

Mr. C. was right. Sometimes we need to look past how things really seem and find out what they really are. Sometimes an eccentric forest might just be the stage for a shindig. If you judge that book by its cover you might just miss out!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Second Life Location: Fake Forest (M)