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Summer Pizza

Tranquil Tiki Island 4

Since it’s Summer Mr. C. Cow and I decided that we needed to find a beach to plant our tushes on and provided us with the essential items like sun, drinks, and pizza. Ok. Pizza was not on our list of things the Summer needs but we actually found a beach that had a wood fired pizza oven. Mr. C. Cow thought it would be a good idea to take the idea of Summer and put it onto a pizza. His idea of a Pizza Summer consists of pineapple, fresh grass clippings, and squash. I’m not too partial to the idea of a freshly mowed lawn on my pizza so I picked zucchini, tomato, and basil.

After our pizzas we decided to wait an hour before venturing out into the water. Is this really a thing? Do you actually have to wait an hour after eating to go swimming? As an otter most of us kinda eat while swimming. We’ll just be on the safe side and wait. I don’t want to have to rescue a cow because he got cramps while swimming. I’m also a little leery of getting into water that has a sign informing me that it’s really deep. I’m not that tall so water that might go up to most peoples waist kinda goes over my head. Yes. I know. I’m an otter. I just don’t like to get my beehive wet.

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Mr. C. Cow now wants me to put a pizza oven in the camper. I’m thinking we can just come back here for a bit of the beach pizza. I don’t think a stone oven rolling around with us in a camper is a safe idea.

Tipsy Cerulean

Location: Tranquil Tiki Island (M)

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Lost And Found

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The other day Mr. C. Cow and I stopped off at a swimming pool for a quick dip. The temperatures were soaring and our camper was starting to smell like a barn. One cannot drive in a camper that smells like all of the farm animals decided to start a sweat lodge in the back.

While Mr. C. Cow was floating around and I was partaking in a complimentary blender beverages we noticed a GIGANTIC flip flop floating around the pool. This got us wondering. What sort of large footed creature lost their flip flop? Did they not realize they had a naked foot on their way home? How much material was needed to make such a monstrous shoe? If you put a sail on this flip flop could you sail the seven seas in it? So many questions yet so few answers.


I notice a pile of complimentary towels next to the pool and thought it was wonderful that they had thought of this. I forgot my towel in the camper and it was great to not have to squish squash walk back to get it. I couldn’t stop giggling at Mr. C. Cow when he mentioned that the complimentary towels would not fit an individual with that large of a foot. I started picturing some poor soul toweling off with something the size of a wet nap. I’m bad!

We’re grateful for the opportunity to have a wonderful place to stop and cool off. I’m grateful with alcoholic drinks in a blender. Mr. C. Cow is grateful to get out of a hot camper and into a pool. We’re both hopeful that the lost flip flop finds it’s owner.

Tipsy Cerulean

Location: The New Mieville Tinyopolis and Black Magnolia Imports (M)