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Date Aftermath

Recap: (If you want to read the whole postcard then click HERE!) Bishop and Tipsy go out on a date without Mr. C. Cow. Mr. C. does not understand why he can’t go but, reluctantly, stays behind to hang out with Marslean. When they return from date night Mr. C. Cow is asleep on a pile of candles, there is a bulldozer covered in shaving cream, Marslean is in a panic over a soggy pizza box, and there is toilet paper stuck to the ceiling. Now…back to the action…..

Note To Self: Buy Toilet Paper For Warehouse Port-a-potty. 

I was in shock! How can such a mess be achieved in less than three hours time?  In all honesty, I shouldn’t be shocked. Mr. C. Cow can make a tornado level mess of a kitchen in less then thirty minutes while making muffins. Less than three hours made me grateful that nothing was on fire.

Fire Safety People!!

After we roused Marslean out of her soggy pizza stupor and Mr. C. was put in a proper bed we started to piece together the evening:

Toilet Paper On The Ceiling: Since Mr. C. Cow didn’t have any streamers or party favors to make the evening “festive”, he used toilet paper. Marslean admitted that this was her idea. She thought it would keep him busy. It kept him busy all right!!  While throwing the toilet paper into the air it caught on one of the sprinklers. Mr. C. left them there because they looked “good hanging off of them”.

Pre-Soggy Pizza: Since Mr. C. was decorating the place to make it feel like a party, Marslean decided to order pizza. This is probably one of the few things that makes any real sense out of the whole mess. Pizza I can understand.

The Candles Part 1: To continue with the party theme candles were brought out and lit. Too many candles were brought out and lit. As they burned there was much concern as to how many flames were being produced. In a panic, Mr. C. Cow grabbed a bottle of shaving cream instead of the fire extinguisher. As Marslean galloped around in a panic, shaving cream went flying everywhere. The candles were put out but the bulldozer suffered a bath in the stuff.

Wet Toilet Paper On The Ceiling: (At this point in the story Bishop was clenching his jaw.) While Marslean went to get the pizza delivery and try to de-stress, Mr. C. Cow was having none of it. De-stress? Ha! Not Mr. C.! He started moo-running in circles in a tizzy over almost burning the shop down. During this panic attack he tripped over the toilet paper hanging from the sprinklers and “WOOOSH!” water sprayed everywhere.

Now Soggy Pizza: As the water “WOOSH-ED” from the ceiling it hit the pizza boxes, instantly making them mushy. Mr. C. Cow collapsed on the pile of candles and went to sleep. Marslean was left to mourn the loss of dinner.

What? How? WAAAAAAA……

All I could do was shake my head and not be surprised that any of this happened. Bishop, calmly (with jaw still clenched) gave me a hug, and went to clean off the bulldozer. Lessons were learned that evening. Marslean learned of Mr. C. Cow’s exuberance for life.  I learned that I should plan something constructive for him to do BEFORE going out on a date. Bishop learned that he shouldn’t leave random bottles of shaving cream in the shop. Mr. C. Cow learned that sleeping on candles is uncomfortable.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

All photos taken by me in Second Life

Second Life Location: (Our own place) Tealeaf Equipment On Route 11 (M) 


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Super Jumbo Apocalyptic Pack

Mr. C. Cow and I are back on the road! After staying around the shop for a few days helping out Bishop it was time to get back into the camper. Before we could go too far we needed to stock up on some camper supplies.

So glad you’re open because we’re out of toilet paper!

I, usually, let Mr. C. Cow handle the shopping but I pitched in with the grocery list this time around. Mr. C. is good at finding really good sales but always seems to come home with one or two items we didn’t need. (Dish soap cozy, plastic bag holder shaped like a chicken, ANOTHER milk can) Since our list was so large it wasn’t fair to let him try to handle it alone. I was on fruit and vegetable duty while he was in charge of the paper items.

Where are the produce bags?

After spending a few moments locating produce bags to place fruit in Mr. C. Cow came back with a “super jumbo apocalyptic” pack of toilet paper. “Apocalyptic” toilet paper? Yes…because the slogan on the side of the toilet paper read “When the end comes don’t come to the end of your toilet paper”. That could, possibly, be the worst marketing slogan I had ever heard. Mr. C. thought it was hilarious and wanted us to buy this particular pack.

Now…we were in need of toilet paper but there was no way I was buying this pack. It wasn’t because of the cheesy slogan but because the pack contained 5,001 rolls of toilet paper. I guess that, when the end does come, that one extra roll will make a difference. Where were we going to put this much toilet paper? Mr. C. Cow said we could open it up and put it under the sink in the bathroom. I, calmly, explained that it wouldn’t fit. He suggested that we put some in the glove box. I, not as calmly, explained to him that we needed the glove box for maps, breath mints, and our cars papers. (Also…5,001 rolls of tp will not fit in a glove box.) When he started telling me how we could tie the whole pack onto the roof with bungee cords I had to tell him to go get a smaller pack.  Mr. C. came back with 100 rolls of toilet paper and told me that, if the end comes, we’re going to be up some sort of creek without a paddle. I’ll take the risk.

After the TP talk I needed coffee!!

After we had put our purchases in the camper and drove off I started to think about the end of the world and how we might run into a toilet paper crisis. What if Mr. C. Cow is right and I might have doomed us to using leaves when we do our “business”? What if we need the toilet paper tubes to start a fire? Why am I even pondering this?

Maybe we should start using a grocery delivery service.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos taken by moi in Second Life. (Click here to learn what Second Life is if you don’t know)

Second Life Location: Docklands Grocery and Cafe (M) 

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Friends Of Friends Of Friends

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Stopped at a carry out today to pick up some extra toilet paper and gum balls for Mr. C. Cow. Gum balls help to prevent him from chewing on door knobs. The extra toilet paper is because my lil cow thought it would be humorous to pretend to be a mummy. We now know that it takes a twenty-four pack of toilet paper to cover an entire cow.

We got the gum balls for Mr. C. Cow and I managed to find an apple amongst the candy bars and dried meat sticks wrapped in plastic. The lil cow wanted a dried meat stick but I had to explain to him what was in them. I think he might have to sleep with a little farm animal night light for a while after that traumatizing experience.

Friends don’t let friends eat dried meat sticks that could possibly contain other friends.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Marina Gas And Bait (M)