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Sweet Banjo Moves

Mr. C. Cow found an advertisement in a magazine called “Cow’s Monthly” that involved a three-day round trip by train to go sight-seeing. First off, I did not know that Mr. C. got a magazine called “Cow’s Monthly”. There seems to be a magazine for everything and cow news is important news!

As for a three-day round trip on a sight-seeing train I was 110% all for it. When I mentioned it to Bishop he also wanted to go along with us. I was ecstatic!  I can understand why Bishop doesn’t always travel. Our camper is big but not that big. When you put a cow, a polar bear, and an otter with a huge wig collection in a camper you either get a really bad joke or an overcrowding issue. Bishop needs his space and doesn’t appreciate Mr. C. Cow always running off with his hard hat.

There was a slight issue with who would run the equipment company while we were gone. As luck has it, Marslean offered to watch over everything while we did our sight-seeing. She wanted to practice her pony-wing flying without any (cow) distractions and knows how to drive a forklift. I owe her a road trip!

Nice Doggy! Where’s The Train Doggy?

I’m a smart traveler. Knowing that Mr. C. Cow needed space for his floppy hats (he brought a suitcase of nothing but floppy hats) and Bishop wanted to keep his hard hat safe, I booked us an entire train car just to ourselves. It came with two bedrooms, a living room, and a closet big enough to hold floppy hats and giant wigs. Bishop was just happy to have the opportunity to spend time with me (Awww!) and, maybe, get a big of scenic peace and quiet.

All Aboard!

Peace and quiet was short-lived as it didn’t take long to notice that Mr. C. Cow had brought a banjo with him. Apparently he had been taking lessons in private and was happy enough to show us his “sweet banjo moves” while we were trapped, I mean, a captive audience. Bishop let this go on for thirty-minutes before Mr. C. was asked, politely, to can it. I don’t mind banjo music but in such close quarters it makes your head want to explode.

Mr. C. was ok with putting the banjo away. He was also ok with putting the snare drum, jaw harp, bull horn, and cow bell away. I gave Bishop something for his headache and gave Mr. C. a coloring book full of cows on trains. I told you I was a smart traveler!

All in all it was a wonderful time. We traveled through mountains and valleys that were stunning. Bishop and I got to spend some quality time together. Mr. C. Cow found another train car that was perfectly happy to play music together far away from ours. I got to watch a cow try to color with crayons. Bishop needs to come with us on these types of trips more often. Minus the banjo.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos taken by myself in Second Life.

Second Life Location: Abandale (M)

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Take The A Train


Mr. C. Cow and I got up early today to catch a scenic train ride. I would call it more of a trolley ride as the train didn’t look like one to me. When I think of a train I usually picture a large engine with a bunch of cars stuck to it. Something from the Santa Fe Silver Bullet Union Chattanooga Choo Choo class. Sometimes they might even have a caboose at the end. Mr. C. Cow loves the word “Caboose” but has a hard time pronouncing it. Usually it comes out sounding like “CaMoooooose”.

We had decided to take a round trip trolley/train ride because Mr. C. Cow wanted to cross this vast bridge we saw in the distance. It wasn’t a bridge for campers and I tried explaining this to him.

“It’s a train bridge Mr. C.”

“But Moooo…..”

“I’m sorry but you can’t take a camper on a train bridge. It’s dangerous!”


“We’re on a bridge over the water right now for campers. Why do you want to go over a different bridge over the exact same water?”

You get the picture of how this conversation went and can probably guess that all the questioning led us to waiting for a trolley/train early in the morning. I’m pretty cool with it because I don’t have to drive.

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If you’ve never been on a train ride before then I highly recommend it. There is something relaxing about watching the scenery go by out a train car window. Or in our case a trolley car. I’m still confused about the whole trolley yet it’s a train thing. Maybe the train called in sick and the trolley was just filling in for him. Maybe the train got into an argument with management and was let go from his job. The only replacement they could find on such short notice was a trolley.

One Man’s Train Is Another Otters Trolley. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean


SLRR In Mocha (G) – Starting Point

GSLR Purple Right Of Way (M) – Ending Point