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Take The A Train


Mr. C. Cow and I got up early today to catch a scenic train ride. I would call it more of a trolley ride as the train didn’t look like one to me. When I think of a train I usually picture a large engine with a bunch of cars stuck to it. Something from the Santa Fe Silver Bullet Union Chattanooga Choo Choo class. Sometimes they might even have a caboose at the end. Mr. C. Cow loves the word “Caboose” but has a hard time pronouncing it. Usually it comes out sounding like “CaMoooooose”.

We had decided to take a round trip trolley/train ride because Mr. C. Cow wanted to cross this vast bridge we saw in the distance. It wasn’t a bridge for campers and I tried explaining this to him.

“It’s a train bridge Mr. C.”

“But Moooo…..”

“I’m sorry but you can’t take a camper on a train bridge. It’s dangerous!”


“We’re on a bridge over the water right now for campers. Why do you want to go over a different bridge over the exact same water?”

You get the picture of how this conversation went and can probably guess that all the questioning led us to waiting for a trolley/train early in the morning. I’m pretty cool with it because I don’t have to drive.

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If you’ve never been on a train ride before then I highly recommend it. There is something relaxing about watching the scenery go by out a train car window. Or in our case a trolley car. I’m still confused about the whole trolley yet it’s a train thing. Maybe the train called in sick and the trolley was just filling in for him. Maybe the train got into an argument with management and was let go from his job. The only replacement they could find on such short notice was a trolley.

One Man’s Train Is Another Otters Trolley. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean


SLRR In Mocha (G) – Starting Point

GSLR Purple Right Of Way (M) – Ending Point

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Mr. C. Cow and I learned a valuable lesson today. Actually it’s probably more then one lesson but we’ll just lump them all together as one giant lesson. A super lesson. A lesson of epic proportions.

Sorry…our postcard was getting a little dramatic with the words. 

If you EVER run into a weird wall or fence that looks old, something out of a horror movie, or is broken then don’t drive your camper into the area they are trying to keep you out of. Maybe they have some sort of quarantine or keep out death and cross bones combo sign on said wall or fence. Don’t drive your camper past it. If you see green fog coming from said area…you get the idea.


These lovely gentleman you see in the postcard above that we have sent to you have reminded us of such foolishness. They, politely, have informed us that we can only send you a postcard of them as a reminder of why one should not be foolish to wander into an area that may or may not be “off the map” or ———– (Gentlemen in the lovely uniforms have removed this comment for security reasons).

I can say that we saw absolutely nothing, it was a boring ride, and we did not accidentally drive into an area surrounded by walls, a fence, or quarantine signs. Nor did we see big guys in uniforms with guns and a possible ———— (Once again these lovely armed gentlemen have removed this comment for security reasons).

Trust No One.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Lost Temple Of Death (M)

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Wrong Turn At Albuquerque



Mr. C. Cow and I have decided to write a few camper tips to save you all from the dangers of the road. We’ve been doing this for a long time so, I guess, you could consider us camper experts. Camper-sperts. Experters.

We’re still working on a word.

Our expertise in the wonderful world of travel became glaringly apparent when we accidentally drove up the side of a volcano. The expert part was not the volcano driving but the fact that we survived. No one should have to hear a cow goat scream in terror as it leads to many sleepless nights.

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Here is a list of a few things you should be mindful of when on the road.

Do not drive your camper up the side of an active volcano. Besides melting your tires and risking death it’s just not a smart thing to do. Sure. It looks pretty, especially at night, but it’s not a good thing. Lava hot.

To avoid a volcano driving underwater is also not advised. Campers cannot swim. Some do float but I don’t recommend flooding your engine with water and possible lava from above.  Not to mention explosive interaction with water and lava as well as other science-y things.

 If you run out of pretzels don’t panic and start driving erratically. Just find the nearest carry out/gas station/grocery store and buy more.

Don’t forget to bring your towel.

 I think that you all know by now that a first aid kit, spare tire, martini making supplies, and tools are essential while traveling. Have you ever thought about the importance of ear and nose plugs? If you’re traveling with someone who moo snores or seems to get gas all the time then you need them.

 Always travel with multiple pairs of sunglasses. Not only will you look cool but you’ll be happy you brought extras when your travel buddy sits on them.

Find Um’ Don’t Grind Um’. Woooooooo!!!

Motor oil can not be used to pop popcorn.

If you can’t see over the steering wheel and need to prop yourself up you can use the 50 empty pizza boxes SOMEONE left in the camper. Just make sure they are not open. No one likes sitting on melty cheese.

Don’t forget to hug your travel buddy and tell them you are happy they are with you every day. It’s important because, without them, sometimes you wouldn’t have a list of things to look out for.

Be safe. Don’t drive on an active volcano. Don’t sit on melty cheese.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Orwood Volcano (G)

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Blockin’ Out The Scenery

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When out and about in this world it is always important to pay attention to safety signs. One might tell you to watch your step while another one might tell you that using your tongue to gage the potency of a battery is bad.

No matter where we go there are signs everywhere. Mr. C. Cow and I were at a pond the other day talking to a goose and there was a sign warning us of giant lizard like creatures that could eat us. The goose just laughed at the sign and said that in all her years she had never seen anything stomp around the pond or eat an airplane. There was a frightening looking set of bones next to the sign but we think they might be fake. I don’t think that any creature in this world have bones made out of plastic.

We did happen upon one sign in particular that informed us of the dangers of falling rocks. As the rocks started to fall we felt they looked more like the largest, most delicious potatoes to ever try to kill someone from the side of a mountain. If you were to try to peel those babies it would have to be the largest and most comical peeler to ever grace the world. If you took one super potato and mashed it you could probably feed everyone in the state of Pennsylvania. If you made fries from them there would be a ketchup shortage.

Now I really want giant french fries. Hope we see a sign for those.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Crater Lake (M)

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Sandy Lemons



Don’t ask me where Route 7 is exactly or which route in what area or whatever it was. We weren’t exactly sure but we drove down it anyways. The road wasn’t made out of broken glass so we were taking it. As we were motoring along we started to pass the ocean with it’s spectacular views and ocean-y smells. Mr. C. Cow was enjoying the smells so much that he had his head out of the passenger window. Giant cow tongue flapping in the wind while he made this “Snnnrrffffff” sniffing sound to take it all in. Mr. C. Cow is funny sometimes and it was a beautiful day to be funny.

As we kept driving down the road we started noticing sand on the road. The farther we went the more sand we ran into. At one point we might have been driving on the beach that just happened to have pieces of a road sticking up out of it. Mr. C. Cow found this amusing but I didn’t. Not only was it slowing our camper down it was also sticking to his tongue. I explained that you cannot keep smelling the sweet salty air and not expect to get a tongue full of sand. He just said he’d brush it out later.

Instead of freaking out about the possibility of sand getting on everything I decided to take a deep breath. Relax. Meditate. Om. Taking a page from the Mr. C. Cow book we pulled over and built a few sand castles by the side of the road. When life hands you lemons make lemonade. Just don’t get any sand in it.


“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Route 7 

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Be Our Guest

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Once upon a time there was a cow that wanted to eat a magical rose SO bad that he couldn’t help himself. They knew that they would possibly feel some sort of animated cookware wraith if they attempted to nibble on one single petal but didn’t care. Each rose petal looked like it could be simmered in a broth made from mushrooms and other various earthy ingredients. This cow watched too many cooking shows in their spare time.

We actually stumbled upon some sort of magical castle today. I wouldn’t have even noticed it when we drove by if it wasn’t for the moo-ing from the passenger seat. Mr. C. Cow has this…thing…about castles that make you think of princesses fighting dragons to save the prince from their doom.

Princesses don’t need saviors. We can be the saviors and save ourselves!

The castle was so pretty and reminded me of the stories I had heard in my childhood so we decided to stop and take a look. Lucky for us the castle was open to all visitors as long as we weren’t rude during our visit. It was like being thrust into a fairytale! Mr. C. Cow found a knights helmet and put it on to feel like the protector of those who lived here. I practiced my sword fighting and pretended to fight off the enemy who was knocking on the castle doors. The whole experience made us feel like kids again.

In our youth we build castles from pillows and blankets. We fight battles against stuffed dragons with our cardboard swords. We swear to protect those we love from the monsters our minds create. As adults we tend to drift away from these “silly ideas”. Sometimes a trip to a magical castle with your best cow pal reminds you that, no matter how old you are, sometimes you need to believe in something.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Enchanted Castle (M)

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Imminent Heath Hazard

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We stopped in the middle of nowhere for dinner last night. If we would have had a different food choice we might have turned around as soon as we saw the parking lot. There were people that looked dead drunk just laying around all willy nilly. Not only were they just blocking the parking lot they were laying all over the cars too. I don’t know why no one bothered to call the law as this was an extremely rude thing for them to do! There also seemed to be a deer by the front door that might have had some sort of rabies or skin fall off disease. Someone needs to call the law and a vet!

As soon as we stepped in it was obvious to us that someone was not following legal food regulations. If they even had a permit to serve food I would be amazed! There was some sort of meat on the floor behind the counter. The sink looked like something wasn’t allowing it to drain. There was no hand washing signs and we highly doubted that anyone had used any sort of sanitizer on anything. Mr C. Cow is never one to pass up a meal but even he didn’t want to try anything that could possibly have some sort of cross contamination going on. If that wasn’t the worst there was actually a guy sleeping on the counter. On the counter! What kind of establishment lets someone sleep on the counter?

To make things worse there was no staff in the restaurant. No cooks. No waitresses. Not even a bus boy attempting to clean up stacks of dirty dishes. We were starting to suspect that those people that were laying around the parking lot were the staff. Mr. C. Cow pulled out his little notepad and made note of the lack of staff as well as the potential food hazards just waiting to happen around the diner. I think someone is going to get a strongly worded letter about the state of this place.

I think we’ll pass on even a glass of water and eat a box of crackers in the camper till we find another place to stop. One can’t be too careful!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Olivia’s Creepy Diner (M)