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Watermelon-Ween 2016

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Halloween this year!!


This year Mr. C. Cow and I decided not to wear matching costumes. Last year we went as salt and pepper. While I thought he was talking about the spices (I dressed up as a salt shaker) he showed up as some sort of pop/rap star thing. This year I came as a martini glass complete with a really nice olive hat I made myself. Mr. C. Cow showed up with a watermelon on his head. Ends up that it wasn’t on purpose as he was attempting to eat a watermelon and kinda got his head stuck in it. Instead of Moo-ing for help he made the best of his situation and chewed eye, nose, and mouth holes in the thing. When I asked him what he called his costume he said “Farmers Market Produce”. Not only is Mr. C. Cow always the cheerful one no matter what he sure is creative!

We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday filled with frights, chills, scares, and lots of free candy. You can’t go wrong with free candy!

“Tipsy” Cerulean¬†

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Making A Commotion

Met a narwal named Nancy the other day while at a cafe. I was having a bit of trouble seeing over the counter to order something sweet and she was more then willing to help me look at all of the delicious deserts. I can understand the need to make a display case large enough to hold your product but it’s hard to look over when you’re short. It feels a little awkward looking through the glass at the person behind it. A step stool or wooden box to stand on would be nice.


Nancy wasn’t the neatest narwal in the world as you can see by the postcard. Her horn was covered by an ice cream cone and her entire head was covered in melted ice cream. Mr. C. Cow wanted to know if he could help by licking her but I said it wasn’t a polite thing to do. Personal boundaries and all. I asked Nancy if she needed a napkin but she politely declined. Some people just enjoy wearing their ice cream I guess.


The cafe itself was pretty peaceful. There were many pillows on the floor so Mr. C. Cow built a pillow fort to eat his snack. The fort itself wasn’t big enough so his butt was sticking out of the back. It was, however, big enough to put all of the food he ordered. I don’t know how someone can eat so much watermelon ice cream cake and not regret it later. Maybe it’s all of the stomaches he has?

After some tea and a few mini cakes we bid a fond farewell to Nancy. I hope that, be it fashion or mess, that the ice cream accessory she is wearing doesn’t attract flies.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Location: Usagi Cafe (G)